This is the forex quote for the Canadian Dollar against the Swiss Franc. In this quote, the value of one CAD (the 'base currency') is quoted in terms of CHF (the 'counter currency'). The Canadian Dollar is often considered to be a 'commodity currency' because Canada exports a large amount of natural resources, notably oil. In practical terms, this makes it sensitive to the ebb and flow of trends in investors' overall outlook on global economic growth. Meanwhile, Switzerland's has a long-standing history as a safe haven and harbor for foreigners looking to house their wealth in a private banking system. As a pairing embodying the relationship between a growth-linked, higher yielding currency and a safety-geared, low yielding one, CAD/CHF is a notable carry trade vehicle.


Will EUR/CHF Floor Break? November 30 Referendum in Focus

The Euro-Zone financial crisis and its resulting toll on monetary policy weren’t limited to the European Central Bank: the Swiss National Bank has been forced to act in tandem with the ECB since levying the Sf1.2000 floor on September 6, 2011. We may however be on the verge of a paradigm shift if those underpinning the gold initiative garner a victory.
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