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This is the forex quote for the Canadian Dollar against the Swiss Franc. In this quote, the value of one CAD (the 'base currency') is quoted in terms of CHF (the 'counter currency'). The Canadian Dollar is often considered to be a 'commodity currency' because Canada exports a large amount of natural resources, notably oil. In practical terms, this makes it sensitive to the ebb and flow of trends in investors' overall outlook on global economic growth. Meanwhile, Switzerland's has a long-standing history as a safe haven and harbor for foreigners looking to house their wealth in a private banking system. As a pairing embodying the relationship between a growth-linked, higher yielding currency and a safety-geared, low yielding one, CAD/CHF is a notable carry trade vehicle.


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Weekly Canadian Dollar and Swiss Franc Trading Forecast

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Canadian Dollar and Swiss Franc News

A CAD/CHF Short That Could Trigger Very Soon
A lengthy long-term downtrend and consolidation near short-term resistance is making for short set-ups in CADCHF that may compel nimble traders to act quickly.
A "Classic" CAD/CHF Set-up with a Modern Trigger
A possible false breakout and resumption of the prevailing daily downtrend in CADCHF makes for a traditional short set-up, albeit with an alternative means for spotting a potential...
An (Almost) Textbook Swing Trade in CAD/CHF
Classic downtrend acceleration in CADCHF may present a simple short set-up on the lower time frames, but traders would be advised to consider a pair of risk-inspired strategic adju...
A Tradable Bounce in the Beaten-Down CAD
Amidst a dramatic and broad-based downtrend in the Canadian dollar (CAD), daily RSI divergence and a channel bottom suggest the possibility of a tradable bounce higher in CADCHF.
A CAD/CHF Short to Close Out—or Start—Your Year
While in a clear downtrend on the daily chart, CADCHF is rising to test overhead resistance, thus setting up a classic short-entry opportunity that is confirmed on the lower time ...

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Date Time Currency Event Importance Actual Forecast Previous Notes
Nov 21
CAD Consumer Price Index (YoY) (OCT) 2.1% 2.0%
CAD Bank Canada Consumer Price Index Core (YoY) (OCT) 2.1% 2.1%