This is the forex quote for the U.S. Dollar against the Swedish Krona. In this quote, the value of one USD (the 'base currency') is quoted in terms of SEK (the 'counter currency'). The pair is sensitive to relative monetary policy expectations for the Federal Reserve vs. the Riksbank, Sweden's central bank. The Dollar has also acted as a safe-haven asset at times of market stress, meaning the USD/SEK exchange rate can be sensitive to swings in broad-based investor sentiment trends. Sweden is also a prolific exporter to the UK and the Eurozone, meaning developments in those economies can at times influence SEK price action.


USD/SEK Threatens Break of 15 Month Bullish Flag Pattern

We have a bullish flag pattern that has been taking shape over the past 15 months. For those who are USD bulls, this pair may be a way to trade that bias.
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