Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson

Market Analyst

Price behavior analysis, short to intermediate-term trade set-ups.
Paul has over 17 years of financial market experience as both an analyst and trader across a wide variety of asset classes – equities, options, index and commodity futures, FX, and interest rates. His market approach is based on a blend of price behavior analysis and sound risk management techniques. Traders of all experience levels will find Paul's 'process-oriented' style both informative and actionable.



EUR/USD Weekly Technical Forecast: Support Test Next for the Euro

Next week, the euro looks headed for its first big test of a significant support; how it reacts will be telling as to the single-currency’s likely next move.

Weekly Forecast: FOMC Minutes, Powell Speech Keep Fed in Focus

Fed monetary policy remains in focus for financial markets as minutes from May’s FOMC meeting and a speech from Fed Chair Powell cross the wires.

S&P 500, DAX & FTSE - Maintaining a Bullish Stance

In the week ahead, we have a couple of key events which may test global stock markets, but overall the outlook remains relatively positive until bearish behavior shows itself.

Technical Perspective for USD, GBP/USD, Cross-rates, Gold & More

Today, we discussed the continued bullish outlook for USD, highlighting GBP/USD and a couple of other USD-pairs, along with a look at a few cross-rates, gold, and equity indices.

GBP/USD & GBP/AUD Sporting Weak Charts, Headed Lower

GBP has been weak for the most part across the board, and looks headed for another leg lower in the near-term versus USD and AUD.

S&P 500 & Dow Technical Analysis – Consolidating or Ready to Roll Over?

U.S. stock market indices are so far holding the recent rally from support, readying for another leg higher or stalling before turning down is the question.

Ethereum Has Healthiest Chart Among Group, Watch Proven Support

Recently, cryptocurrencies have begun to sag again, but one of them (Ethereum) has proven support and is postured best if the group turns higher soon.

Gold Price Range-break Increases Pressure, Silver Support Under Siege

Gold finally broke the multi-month trading range, has trend-line support at risk of breaking; support yet broken in silver, but could soon.

Trading Outlook for USD, EUR/USD, GBP-Pairs, Gold Price & More

Today, we took a look at the USD rally versus a few major currencies, several GBP pairs, gold's range-break, and outlook for a few other key markets.

FTSE Technical Outlook – GBP Pounding Helps Push Stocks Towards Record

The footsie has essentially shredded any levels which has stood in its way on firming risk appetite and a sharply declining pound.

Trading Outlook for Gold Price, Crude Oil, DAX, S&P 500, and More

In this session, we checked in on several major markets and the technical/trading outlook; gold range, oil still bullish, indices bullish but lack conviction.

DAX & CAC Technical Outlook: Keeping the Euro in Mind

The DAX and CAC have been quite strong in recent weeks, with nothing substantial suggesting they will move lower; the euro consideration.

CoT: USD/CHF Bearish on Swiss Franc Position Changes, Technicals

Large Swiss franc traders are shortest they've been since the summer of 2012, could be a sign of oversold given past tendencies and technical landscape.

Short-term Trading Levels for Bitcoin, Ripple & Litecoin

Recent weakness has cryptocurrencies pointed lower, today we look at a few key levels in the short-term which are likely to have an impact.

EUR/USD Weekly Technical Forecast: More Bounce Before More Selling?

Last week, the euro found itself in an oversold state, and on that a bounce may have a little more room to the top-side, but expectations are for another dive back lower.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Fed Freshmen, Europe and Japan Data Eyed

Financial markets eye confirmation hearings for two new Fed officials as well as CPI and GDP data from Europe and Japan in the week ahead.

S&P 500, DAX & FTSE - Rally More, or Due for a Test of Strength?

In the week ahead, global markets will look to try and tack on further gains, but may find some opposition in doing so.

S&P 500 Technical Analysis: Wedge Formation Nearing Completion

The U.S. stock market has been in limbo in recent weeks, with the debate as to whether it is topping or consolidating; we may soon have a resolution.

Watch for Rejections at Support in EUR/CAD and NZD/JPY

EUR/CAD and NZD/JPY both have support levels/lines which may offer opportunities should price action soon act bullishly.

Trading the Gold Price Range, What to do About Silver

Gold has seen numerous rejections near 1300, 200-day, range still in play; whipsaws in silver leave it with little technical backdrop to lean on at this time.