The US Dollar / Hong Kong Dollar is the most popular pair to trade the Hong Kong currency. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority's primary objective is to ensure stability of the HKD exchange rate, instead of primarily focusing on inflation rates or growth like most central banks. Hong Kong is increasingly integrated with China, and many consider it a gateway of capital into and out of the world's second largest economy. Hong Kong exports and imports were both bigger than the size of the net GDP in 2012, and China intakes more than half of Hong Kong's exports.


Hong Kong Dollar Torn Between China and Markets

The Hong Kong Dollar has tumbled versus the US Dollar the opening weeks of 2016 as the markets assess the stability of China’s financial conduit against growing market pressures.
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HKD Falls Despite February’s Optimistic Retail Sales Figures

The HKD Depreciated Following Dismal Retail Sales Announcement

HKD Appreciates Against USD Following Optimistic GDP Announcement

HKD Depreciates Following Composite Interest Rate and CPI Announcement

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