Kristian Kerr

Sr. Currency Strategist

Global macro, technical analysis, cyclical analysis & market geometry
Kristian Kerr re-joined FXCM in February of 2013 as a Senior Strategist focusing on the macroeconomic and technical factors impacting the foreign exchange markets. He served in a similar role from 2002 to 2004 and was the original research analyst at Prior to his return to FXCM, Kristian worked for 7 years at FX Concepts, one of the world's largest currency focused hedge funds, as both a discretionary trader and research analyst. He has also held various roles at Informa Global Markets, Bank of America and CIBC.



USD/JPY - The Abenomics Test

USD/JPY tests key psychological support, will Japanese authorities intervene?

Lowering Stop in Short USD/JPY

Silver – Finally Taking Cues From Big Brother

Silver breaks above important trendline, October high is a critical long-term pivot.

Gold – Is the Bear Market Finally Over?

Gold overcomes important resistance, important timing test await.

GBP/USD – Lots of Questions

GBP/USD fails near key retracement, Important timing pivot ahead.

USD/JPY short adjustments

US Crude Oil – Global Inflection Point?

US Crude Oil at key technical juncture, Reaction around January lows should prove pivotal.

USD/CAD – The Unwind of “Negative Irrational Exuberance”

USD/CAD trades back to unchanged on the year, Important cyclical turn window ahead.

EUR/USD – Was it Just Time to Breakout?

EUR/USD trades at highest level in three months, 1.1260 The next important hurdle.

USD/JPY – Claw Back

USD/JPY claws back BOJ inspired gains, Important support test looms.

Short USD/JPY from around 121.50.

Silver and Platinum Price Action Not Supporting Gold Fervor

Gold testing 200-day moving average, other metals remain stuck in bearish consolidation patterns.

S&P 500 – Buy the Dip or Sell the Rip?

S&P 500 reaches crucial resistance area. Action over next few days should signal if the trend truly has changed.

USD/JPY Inflection Point

USD/JPY: Shock and Some Awe

USD/JPY rallies violently into cyclical turn window, 121.50 – 122.00 is critical resistance.

GBP/USD – All About 1.4400

GBP/USD rebounds from negative sentiment and momentum extremes, 1.4400 level remains critical.

EUR/CHF: Coming Back to Life?

EUR/CHF trades at 12-month high, Is the cross no longer a safe haven instrument?

USD/CAD: Just a Minor Setback?

USD/CAD reaches negative sentiment extreme. Exchange prone to more important corrective process?

GOLD – Time Resistance Ahead?

Gold remains bid, Important near-term cyclical test ahead.

USD/JPY: Just a Bounce or a Bona Fide Pain Trade?

USD/JPY rebound picking up steam, latter half of next week will be critical from a timing perspective.

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