In this webinar we discuss the major data due over the coming week, as well as the major themes, data, and stories out of Europe impacting FX markets in mid-June. DailyFX strategists Christopher Vecchio, Martin Essex, and Nick Cawley discuss the major data due over the coming week, what the long-term impact of the UK elections will be on the British Pound, how the Fed is shaping the path for the US Dollar, and what to expect from the litany of central bankers set to speak this week.

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Topics covered include:

- The BOE's rate decision last week was notable for its 5-3 vote - is the threat of a rate hike serious or just a passing fancy for the British Pound?

- How are markets pricing the Fed rate hike timeline after last Wednesday's June FOMC meeting?

- What do US yields, Gold, and the Japanese Yen have to say about the current state of 'risk' in financial markets?

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--- Written and produced by Christopher Vecchio, Senior Currency Strategist, Oliver Morrison, Analyst and Nick Cawley, Analyst