Martin Essex, MSTA

Martin Essex, MSTA

Analyst and Editor

Financial markets, economics, fundamental and technical analysis.
Martin Essex, based in the Eurozone, has been writing about the economy and the financial markets for 40 years. He has worked as Senior International Economist at a London-based consultancy and has a degree in Mathematical Economics from the University of Essex. He is a Member of the Society of Technical Analysts and has written a book on the bond markets.



Weekly Trading Forecast: Central Bank News Promises Fireworks

Financial market volatility is likely as ECB and BOC policy calls are accompanied by key data in the week ahead.

EUR: ECB To Announce Start of Tapering, Will Avoid Any Surprises

Euro trading will be dominated in the coming week by Thursday’s meeting of the European Central Bank, which will signal a tightening of Euro-Zone monetary policy from January.

Webinar: Market Sentiment Sours Towards Euro But Positive Elsewhere

Political concerns are souring sentiment towards the Euro but traders are still willing to buy risky assets and there’s relatively little interest in havens such as gold.

Political Worries Undermining Euro, Spanish Stocks

The Euro is facing downward pressure in Europe Monday as political concerns in Spain, Austria and Germany combine to weaken it.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Central Banks Back in the Spotlight

Central banks will command financial markets' attention in the week ahead, with speeches from top officials including Fed Chair Yellen and a wealth of policy-defining data due.

GBP: Caution Called For As Event Risk Mounts

British Pound trading was confused and disorderly over the past week and is likely to remain so in the coming week as event risk looms.

Brexit Briefing: Pound Weakens Again on Talks ’Impasse’

The British Pound is falling once more as a lack of progress in the Brexit negotiations outweighs a likely tightening of UK monetary policy.

Canadian Dollar Under Pressure on NAFTA, Easier Oil Prices

The advance in the US Dollar since early September against its Canadian counterpart has run out of steam but could well resume as NAFTA negotiations stall and oil prices slip.

EUR/USD Continues to Climb as Spain Imposes Deadline on Catalonia

EUR/USD is continuing to shrug off Spain’s constitutional crisis, rising further as Spanish PM Rajoy gives Catalonia eight days to drop its bid for independence.

Euro and Spanish Assets Rally as Catalonia Fears Fade

EUR/USD, Spanish stocks and Spain’s government bonds are all climbing as the Madrid government takes advantage of Barcelona’s indecision on declaring Catalan independence.

Brexit Briefing: GBP/USD Is Not Out Of The Woods Just Yet

GBP/USD has bounced after dropping from above 1.36 to little more than 1.30 in just three weeks. However, the rally still looks corrective rather than the start of a new trend.

Euro Continues to Ignore Catalan Crisis, But For How Long?

The Euro has so far been left unaffected by the moves towards Catalan independence from Spain but it could yet be in the firing line if the ECB begins to worry about its impact.

GBP/USD Rallies on Upbeat UK Economic Data

The Pound is strengthening against the Dollar for the second successive day in the wake of data suggesting a more buoyant UK economy and room for the BoE to increase interest rates later this year.

Webinar: Market Sentiment Patchy But Still Broadly Positive

With German stocks at record highs and Chinese stocks at near-two-year highs, market sentiment is still positive but also patchy, as DailyFX Analyst and Editor Martin Essex explains in this weekly we...

Weekly Trading Forecast: Politics Menace Markets Yet Again

Markets might've focused on Fed policy as FOMC meeting minutes and US CPI data hit the wires but testy NAFTA talks, a shaky Iran nuclear deal and chaotic Brexit fears haunt investors.

GBP: Further Weakness Likely, But Not Inevitable

The British Pound looks set to slide further in the days ahead on political concerns, the Brexit impasse and weak data. However, it’s also due for a correction, which could come at any time.

DailyFX Week Ahead Video: Brexit Talks and Possible Catalan Contagion

In this DailyFX video, Jeremy Naylor talks to Analyst and Editor Martin Essex about the factors likely to drive the Dollar, Euro and Pound in the week ahead.

Political Pressures Mount on Euro and Pound

The push for Catalan independence from Spain and the prospect of a leadership challenge to the UK Prime Minister are preventing both the Euro and the Pound from rallying.

Brexit Briefing: Politics, Data and Technicals Combine to Sink GBP

Ahead of the fifth round of Brexit talks that begins in Brussels Monday, GBP/USD is under strong downward pressure.

ECB Discussed How Best to Reduce Its QE Program, Euro Eases Gently

The minutes of the September 7 meeting of the European Central Bank’s Governing Council reveal that its members discussed how best to taper its asset-purchase program and worried about Euro str...