Martin Essex, MSTA

Martin Essex, MSTA

Analyst and Editor

Financial markets, economics, fundamental and technical analysis.
Martin Essex, based in the Eurozone, has been writing about the economy and the financial markets for 40 years. He has worked as Senior International Economist at a London-based consultancy and has a degree in Mathematical Economics from the University of Essex. He is a Member of the Society of Technical Analysts and has written a book on the bond markets.



Patience in Trading: Why It Pays Not To Be Too Greedy In FX

Trying to sell at the very top and close the position at the very bottom is a bad idea: better to be patient and make sure you aren’t being too rapacious.

Trade War: No Respite for EURUSD as US-China Trade Talks Resume

Talks between the US and China are resuming Thursday to avert a trade war but that’s providing no respite for the Euro.

GBPUSD Is Not Yet Ready To Rally

The lack of a positive response in GBPUSD to broadly supportive Brexit news suggests that the pair is not yet ready to recapture the substantial losses recorded over the past month.

Political Risk in Italy Returns to Haunt EUR, BTPs and Italian Stocks

The Euro, Italian government bonds and Italian stocks could all come under downward pressure as political risk in Italy increases. However, the impact should be limited.

UPDATE 2: Close Short GBPUSD Position to Lock in Profit

Now would be a good time to close the position and take the profits made since my recommendation on April 26 to sell GBPUSD.

Market Sentiment Improves But Still Held Back By Concerns About Trade

Confidence is returning to the financial markets but worries about global trade are preventing a full recovery in risk sentiment.

UK Jobs Report Lifts GBP but Impact Minimal on Chances of Rate Rise

The latest UK employment report suggests a robust UK labor market but the data are insufficient on their own to persuade the Bank of England to increase interest rates.

Italian Stocks Fall, Bond Yields Rise as Political Worries Increase

The FTSE MIB index of Italian stocks has lost ground and the country’s government bond yields have risen as a coalition of anti-establishment political parties looks set to form the next Italia...

Trade the News: Bank of England Governor to Determine Next Move in GBP

There are two things for GBP traders to watch out for today: comments by Bank of England Governor Mark Carney and the central bank’s UK economic forecasts.

EUR, GBP and Gold All Punished by Strong USD

As the US Dollar continues to strengthen, the Euro, the British Pound and Gold are all under pressure.

Crude Oil Prices Hit Resistance, Next Move May Be Lower

The prices of both Brent and US crude oil have hit trendline resistance following Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal; now they are likely to ease back.

Mixed Messages From Market Sentiment Indicators as USD Strength Persists

Market confidence indicators are broadly neutral, leaving traders free to concentrate on specific trending markets such as the US Dollar and oil.

Crude Oil Off its Highs Ahead of Trump Decision on Iran

The price of Brent crude oil has eased back but remains above the $75/barrel mark ahead of Trump’s decision on whether to pull out of the nuclear deal with Iran.

EURUSD Eases as Euro-Zone Inflation Data Miss Expectations

Euro-Zone inflation was lower than expected in April, making a total withdrawal of monetary stimulus this year by the ECB less likely and weakening the Euro.

USD Edges Lower as Traders Turn Attention to China Trade Talks

The Dollar is coming under modest pressure as the market focus turns from US interest rate prospects to US/China trade negotiations

Forex Data: Why Survey Data Are as Important for FX Traders as Official Statistics

Trading on government economic figures has been likened to driving a vehicle by looking in the rear-view mirror. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on the survey numbers too.

Brexit Concerns Add to GBP Weakness Ahead of UK/EU Talks

Brexit seems to be re-emerging as a factor in the markets, adding to the downward pressure on GBP ahead of the next round of EU/UK negotiations.

Trade the News: Weak Euro-Zone GDP to Keep EUR Under Pressure

Today’s Euro-Zone GDP data are unlikely to have a huge influence on the Euro but if the numbers are as weak as expected they will do nothing to arrest its decline.

UPDATE: Take Profits on GBPUSD Sell Recommendation

Now would be a good time to take at least half the profits made since my recommendation on April 26 to sell GBPUSD.

Market Sentiment: Positive Towards USD, Negative For GBP

Two themes are currently dominating market sentiment at present: a strong US Dollar and a weak British Pound.