Martin Essex, MSTA

Martin Essex, MSTA

Analyst and Editor

Financial markets, economics, fundamental and technical analysis.
Martin Essex, based in the Eurozone, has been writing about the economy and the financial markets for 40 years. He has worked as Senior International Economist at a London-based consultancy and has a degree in Mathematical Economics from the University of Essex. He is a Member of the Society of Technical Analysts and has written a book on the bond markets.



Eurozone Debt Crisis: How to Trade Future Disasters

If there is to be another Eurozone sovereign debt crisis, trading it will be difficult. However, the crisis that began in 2009 provides plenty of pointers on how to survive it and potentially even th...

US Crude Oil Price Heads Lower Again

The price of US crude oil is falling once more after a brief rally Wednesday on news that US demand for gasoline and distillates remains firm.

US Dollar Strength Persists: Euro, Yen, Pound and Gold Suffer

USD continues to advance, increasing the downward pressure on EUR, JPY, GBP and gold.

EURGBP Well Placed to Break Through Trendline Resistance

USDJPY: Further Losses Possible for Japanese Yen as Havens Shunned

USDJPY remains in a strong upward trend, with traders preferring to buy the US Dollar than the Japanese Yen as the Fed remains on course for two more US rate increases this year.

GBP Drops Sharply on Weak UK Inflation Data | Webinar

The British Pound has tumbled as the CPI measure of UK inflation held steady at 2.4% in June rather than rising to 2.6% as analysts had expected.

Trader Sentiment: Crude Oil Price, USD and GBP in Focus

Market sentiment is currently neutral, with no rush for risk assets or for safe havens. That focuses attention on the markets that are moving, including the Dollar, the Pound and Oil.

Crude Oil Price: Downward Pressure Persists on US and Brent Contracts

Crude oil prices continue to fall as events in Libya, Russia, Saudi Arabia and China combine to keep them on a downward path.

GBPUSD Fragile as Downside is Tested

On the day the UK publishes its Brexit plans and Trump visits the country, GBPUSD is at a critical point technically and could well break lower.

US Crude Oil Price Rallies After Slump

The price of US crude oil is recovering after Wednesday’s tumble that was due largely to news that Libya is reopening four oil export terminals.

Third Quarter Forecasts for Dollar, Euro, Oil, Equities and More

Has the emergence of trade wars fundamentally altered the course for the Dollar and global equities? Have Brexit fears been fully absorbed into the Pound? Can oil extend its rally to three-and-a-half...

NZDUSD May Rally as Retail Traders Increase Their Short Positions

GBPUSD In Focus Ahead of Keynote Speech by Carney

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney could determine the future direction of GBPUSD today when he speaks at a conference on the global financial crisis.

US-China Trade War Accelerates, Prompts Only Limited Risk Aversion

Flows of money from risky assets to safe havens have been modest despite the US threatening tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese imports – suggesting market sentiment remains broadly positive.

Market Sentiment Improves, Risk Appetite Rises | Webinar

Trader confidence is growing, lifting demand for assets seen as risky at the expense of those seen as safe havens.

GBPUSD Price Recovery Likely as UK Political Fears Subside

The British Pound is rallying after falling on the shock resignation of two senior UK government ministers over Brexit, and its bounce will likely continue.

US Crude Oil Price Rise Still Possible Once Consolidation Period Ends

The price of US crude oil is still trading sideways after reaching its highest level since November 2014 but further rises are possible once the current period of consolidation comes to an end.

How to Trade Gold: Top Gold Trading Strategies and Tips

What are the top gold trading strategies and tips traders use? Learn how to trade gold from the experts and the differences between trading gold and trading forex.

EURUSD Breaks Above Near-Term Resistance on Rate Hike Report

The prospect of an increase in Eurozone interest rates well before the end of next year is boosting the Euro.

GBP Rally Possible as UK Rate Prospects and Football Boost Confidence

England’s progress in the football world cup and the prospect of higher UK interest rates will likely have a positive effect on GBP sentiment.