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Despite currencies offering fewer markets to trade than stocks, which number in the thousands, knowing what currencies to focus on can be a stumbling block for new traders. I remember when I started trading I would often pick a pair without really knowing what influenced the currency or how it was trading on an overall basis.

The purpose of the attached webinar is to ensure you don’t struggle as I did as you start out regarding knowing the different currencies and how they are affected by what’s happening in the global economy. I also cover supporting currencies that are soon to become “Majors” and commodities that can easily affect how currencies trade. Hopefully, this webinar recording will provide you with an explanation of what I’ve found to be the distilled essence of what factors determine how a currency moves so you can better understand what should have your focus for trading.

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If you decide to watch the webinar above, I hope you can see that this series is providedin a spirit of caring about your trading outcome with my willingness to answer your questions as you’re getting started.

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Written by Tyler Yell, CMT, Currency Analyst & Trading Instructor for

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