This is the forex quote for the U.S. Dollar against the Mexican Peso. In this quote, the value of one USD (the 'base currency') is quoted in terms of MXN (the 'counter currency'). Mexico's geographic proximity to the US and its membership in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) makes it highly responsive to economic developments in the world's largest consumer market. As a typically higher-yielding currency, the Peso is found to be attractive at times when investors are optimistic about the state of the global economy and prioritize returns over safety. This can make USD/MXN sensitive to swings in broad-based market sentiment trends.


Emerging Currencies Won Market Share as FX Volumes Fell, Says BIS

Emerging market currencies won greater market share at the expense of the Euro, Yen and Aussie Dollar while overall FX turnover fell according to the Bank of International Settlements.
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Bearish USD/MXN: Institutions Can’t Get Enough Of EM’s Yield

USD/MXN Holds Near August Low as Banxico Holds Overnight Rate at 4.25%

Preview for Banxico: Mexican CB Expected to Hold Overnight Rate at 4.25%

What the BoJ, ECB and Major Central Banks Do to Rest of the World

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