This may have been related to the fact that we have recently received a whole bunch of disappointing economic releases including industrial production and unemployment.  Yet, the underlying report does show a sliver of hope with personal consumption edging up modestly from the previous quarter.  The M&A flow that we are talking about is actually a big one.  Warren Buffett announced plans to buy PacifiCorp from Scottish Power for $9.4 billion.  Given that over 50 percent of the deal will be in cash, we expect Buffett’s company to be doing a big exchange rate transaction to pay for the deal.  If you recall, close to a year ago, Warren Buffett said that US investments are not as attractive as they use to be and that he will also be looking abroad for investment opportunities.  Today’s M&A announcement is a perfect example of him doing so and we will not be surprised if more of such cross border acquisitions or investments follow this one.