Talking Points:

• Speculative debate over the ECB's policy bearings is the heaviest since the November rate cut

• Growth, inflation and financial stability concerns are leading some to expect preemptive policy

• Outcomes range from no policy change to rate cuts to stimulus changes; and there are trades for each

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EURUSD has worked its way into a multi-year technical bind that will inevitably end in a serious breakout. The question on traders' minds is whether the ECB rate decision can catalyze this move. Recently, speculation amongst market participants and economists that an move towards more accommodation may be on the menu has swelled to levels not seen since the lead up to the November meeting - which ended with a rate cut. What are the scenarios for this event? What Euro-based setups are better position for 'bullish' and 'bearish' outcomes? We discuss this event and its possible trade implications in today's Strategy Video.

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