Talking Points:

• The timing of the Fed's eventual Taper has far-reaching consequences through risk trends

• This fundamental theme will be rekindled this week due to key event risk including NFPs

• Given important technical bearings on benchmarks like EURUSD and SPX, the impact could be immense

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The 'Taper' headlines seem to have abated recently, but this important fundamental theme will return to the forefront on key event risk (NFPs, policy speeches) just when technicals are threatening breakouts. Alone this eventuality has direct implications for the dollar, but its true influence comes through its potential impact on general risk trends. And, there are few other market contingencies that have the level of authority over this elemental dynamic of the financial system. In today's Forex Strategy Video, we discuss: why the Taper is important; how it impacts the broader markets; what to watch for and how it can influence our trades.

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