Talking Points:

• The US Government shutdown has pushed the release of September NFPs to Tuesday October 22

• An early-in-the-week release supports overall greater volatility for the markets

• With the focus on questionable risk trends and Taper timeframe, this will be a key Dollar driver

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How robust is this past week's risk drive and will we not see a FOMC Taper until 2014? Those are the key questions for the Dollar, and they will likely be decided with next week's NFPs. A victim of the US Government shutdown, the delayed September employment report will be released on Tuesday - shortening the lead-in time that typically curbs speculative swings and allowing the market to develop momentum after the data crosses the wires. Furthermore, while this report will offer its usual volatility impact along, it's influence will be particularly heavy as the market is in a critical phase for assessing the timeframe for the Fed's eventual Taper. We talk about this event and its market impact in the weekeend Forex Strategy Video.

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