In this webinar we discuss the major data due over the coming week, as well as the major themes, data, and stories out of Europe impacting FX markets at the start of August. DailyFX strategists Christopher Vecchio, Martin Essex, and Nick Cawley discuss the major data due over the coming week, what the impact of the Brexit negotiations are on the British Pound, what the Fed is doing tot he US Dollar, and what to expect overall in the typically low volatility month of August.

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Topics covered include:

- How has the downtrend in volatility matched moves in certain currencies, and what does this mean for a low volatility month like August?

- Although the Euro's uptrend remains technically intact, at what point will the ECB become concerned with Euro strength?

- How can the Bank of England spark a large move in the British Pound this week?

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--- Written and produced by Christopher Vecchio, Senior Currency Strategist, Oliver Morrison, Analyst and Nick Cawley, Analyst