Talking Points:

• Though there are pairs more sensitive to risk and monetary policy, EURUSD is the most totally exposed

• Balancing a delicate economic situation, the ECB is fighting the market to keep EURUSD below 1.4000

• Whether we are talking EU monetary policy, dollar bearings or anything else; it all comes back to 'risk'

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Chief Strategist John Kicklighter discusses the top Forex fundamental themes for the coming week of trading. These sessions are held live every Monday at 16:30 GMT. EURUSD isn't just the FX market's most liquid pairing. It represents the same considerations of monetary policy, exchange rate man-handling and risk appetite that seem more prominent in other pairings. The reach and impact of this currency can materially change the tack of the broader financial markets, but it too has a common denominator: investor sentiment. We look at this important theme, how it pervades EURUSD and the loaded economic docket in this week's Fundamental Outlook.

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