FX Closing Bell is a daily webinar hosted by Tyler Yell, CMT with the intent to look at key market themes within Foreign Exchange, Commodities, and Fixed Income. We look at the current price action in these key markets alongside any news that may be making waves in the markets or could lead to a pending opportunity that I feel deserves your attention.

To get a sense of where capital is flowing, we pull on insights from futures, spreads on the yield curve, and options. Looking at how multiple markets are pricing in future activity can help us understand where the pressure is building. We also touch upon the technical analysis and sentiment analysis to give you a well-rounded view of what is happening in markets that could lead to your next trade as we hope to make it a good one.

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Monday’s discussions included

  • JPY dropping most in 8 months as risk rebounds along with USD
  • No Stopping Copper Bulls as Hedge Funds hope the volatility lower is short-term
  • Canadian Dollar gets further boost as bets on more BoC hikes grow
  • Top Chart: USD/JPY aggressive rebound from 1-year trendline break

Sentiment focus : GBP/USD sees sharp increase in net-short positions, upside continuation favored

Video:  JPY Slumps On Improved Risk Tone, UK Data Could Boost GBP

Special note: A technical short-cut that I utilize to find the best trading opportunities and the strongest trends is to match the strongest currency against the weakest. I then look for opportunities to buy the strongest against the weakest when a technical signal is triggered. By matching up strong and weak currencies, we do not guarantee a successful trade, but we do improve our confidence in trading in the direction of the strongest trend at the moment. Traders should keep an eye to see if a strong currency begins to weaken or a weak currency begins to strength. I cover these developments on FX Closing Bell.

Video:  JPY Slumps On Improved Risk Tone, UK Data Could Boost GBP

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Written by Tyler Yell, CMT, Currency Analyst

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