Talking Points:

• Signs of risk aversion were more diverse and intense this past week, but momentum remained elusive

• Conditions are aligning for a healthy deleveraging instigated by decidedly unhealthy catalysts

• In addition to 'risk trends', monetary policy will be an important theme headlined by the FOMC

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What does a pullback in global equities, record leverage, rising geopolitical tensions and a FOMC rate decision add up to for traders? Volatility with grave potential for trend development. This past week was defined by a number of convulsions in market sentiment that branched further and further out to the financial system. Investors are growing increasingly aware of the precarious position markets are in just as the headlines stress a growing number of threats. With the Ukraine / Crimea standoff, FOMC rate decision and a slew of top event risk this week; we are facing another chance for a shift in gravity. What should we watch, what are the risks and where is the potential? We discuss that in the weekend Trading Video.

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