Talking Points:

• Event risk fills out this week with key events such as the US budget deadline, NFPs and RBA decision

• The consistency and depth of the calendar will leverage volatility

• Our focus should remain on underlying 'themes' as market-wide trends may be revived

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The market is likely to turn a 180 next week as we trade aimless post-FOMC drift for volatile and fundamentally-charged trend development. The amplitude and breadth of the market activity we realize can be defined by any number of critical themes we face. Individualized event risk like the RBA rate decision, ECB rate decision or NFPs can at the very least manipulate volatility for short-term trade opportunities. The real potential exists with the market's vulnerability to changing risk tides through big-ticket items like the US budget standoff. We discuss the many landmines to navigate next week along with the trade opportunities under different outcomes.

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