Both the S&P 500 and Dollar passed through the Fed rate decision / 2Q US GDP storm without a damaging swell of volatility much less a crippling bear trend. To some this may seem a relief; but given the market's exposure, it only leverages the risk moving forward. Confusion has struck a temporary balance in the expectations for risk positioning, but it has also exaggerated the divergence in expectations and dependency on a status quo of external support. In today's video, we discuss the trigger risks to the deeper theme and big-ticket event risk along with trade setups that communicate the different fundamental and technical balances.

Find out what event risk can threaten the trade setups talked about in today's video with the DailyFX Economic Calendar.

Market conditions change, and our strategy should reflect those changes. We have coded the DailyFX-Plus strategies for Breakout, Range and Momentum to adapt to these market shifts.

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