ssi_SPX500_body_Picture_20.png, Our Data Flashes Major Warning Sign on S&P 500

SPX500 –We’ve seen a substantial swing in crowd positioning on the SPX500 contract, and the sharp shift warns of a potential turn in the S&P 500.

Trade Implications SPX 500– The majority of retail traders have remained short SPX500 since it set a major bottom in November, 2012, but a week-over-week surge in buying acts as early warning of a potentially significant turnaround.

Last week 85 percent of traders in our sample were short SPX500, but an important shift in sentiment now leaves that number closer to 70 percent. This isn’t enough to mark THE top in stocks, but it’s certainly a risk. Receive any and all updates via my e-mail distribution list through this link.

--- Written by David Rodriguez, Quantitative Strategist for

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