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-US Net Long-term TIC Flows (DEC) (prior rev. -$28.0) (survey $30.0B) ACTUAL: -$45.9B

-US Total Net TIC Flows (DEC) (prior rev. -$13B) ACTUAL: -$119.6B

- Data indicates some of the weakest flows in our ten year records

US Treasury flow data was released early on Tuesday morning and indicated that total net monthly flows for December had the lowest reading since 2009 while foreign net transactions came in at the third lowest reading in our ten year records.

Total_Net_Treasury_Flows_Slow_to_Four_Year_Lows_in_December_body_Picture_2.png, Total Net Treasury Flows Slow to Four Year Lows in December

The Net Long-term TIC Flow data measures the difference between gross Treasury purchases by foreign buyers from domestic persons and gross Treasury sales by foreigners to domestic residents. Essentially, a negative number would mean that there are fewer purchases by foreigners from US residents than there are sales of foreign owned Treasuries to U.S. residents.

EUR/USD February 18, 2014 (5-Minute Chart)

Total_Net_Treasury_Flows_Slow_to_Four_Year_Lows_in_December_body_Picture_1.png, Total Net Treasury Flows Slow to Four Year Lows in December

Source: FXCM Marketscope

EUR/USD made fresh session highs at the early and official release and momentum continues to remain strong ahead of the US equity market open. Event risk for the remainder of the day is limited and the next major data release will be out of Japan at 04:30GMT.

Gregory Marks, DailyFX Research Team

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