Guest_Commentary_MarketVisionTV_Euro_Doesnt_Have_to_be_Here_and_Now_body_Eur1203.png, Guest Commentary: MarketVisionTV - Euro Doesn't Have to be "Here and Now"

The Euro remains within a larger and deeper retracement from the 1.3485 high.

Since the 50% recovery to 1.3290 was clearly enough certainly in distance for the B wave then the current seemingly mature short term decline is either wave one or an Irregular B wave. This suggests even a drop to the 50% downside retracement of 1.3050 is unlikely to e sustained at least for 24-48 hours consolidation and a pullback to the 1.3200-10 region. We look to sell this strength against the 1.3290 high for a later break down this week through 1.2970 to at least a current C=A target of 1.2895. Over 1.3290 would extends at least to 1.3365-90 first.

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