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Crude oil prices may get conflicting cues in US inflation and inventory flow data if the former boosts the Dollar while the latter reveals a larger drawdown than expected.
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From a macro standpoint the DAX looks headed considerably lower, but in the near-term selling may be overdone.
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Gold prices may be trapped by conflicting influences if the US Dollar gains on haven demand while bond yields drop amid renewed risk aversion.
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Brexit news propelled EUR/GBP prices higher despite technical bearish signs. If August 2018 highs are breached, bullish confirmation may result in testing August 2017 highs thereafter.
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The ASX 200 has broken down to a new low for 2018, in the process putting focus on the long climb up from the lows of 2016
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Crude Oil Prices May Get Clashing Cues in US Inventory, CPI Data

EUR/USD Caught in Congestion as USD Extends Fibonacci Support Bounce

Gold Prices in the Balance if Yields, US Dollar Diverge Again

US Dollar Bounces from Support; EUR/USD Attempts to Break Congestion

Crude Oil Prices Yawn at OPEC+ Output Cut, May Fall with Stocks

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Weekly CoT Update for Gold, GBP/USD, and Other Major Markets

Weekly CoT Update for Euro, Crude Oil, and Other Major Contracts

Weekly CoT Update – Sellers in USD, Crude Oil Speculators Keep Hitting Bids

Weekly CoT Update for USD, Euro, Crude Oil & More

CoT Update for EUR/USD, AUD/USD, Gold Price & More

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Japanese Yen Technical Analysis: USD/JPY Range Looks Safe Enough

Weekly Technical Forecast: Proximity to Key Technical Boundaries Puts Many Markets at Risk of Breaks

Euro Weekly Technical Forecast: Bottoming Efforts Under Way in Several Crosses

Gold Technical Outlook: Price Breakout Approaching Initial Targets

Technical Forecast for the S&P 500, Dow Jones, DAX 30 & FTSE