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USD/CHF sold-off to a fresh four-month low earlier in the session, but an aggressive bullish reversal has followed. Bears may want to take a step back until a more confirmed level of resistance comes into play.
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Market showing some wobbliness after a few notable down and up days; short-term chart becoming of interest.
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EUR/JPY was a high-flying trend into the end of 2017, but that led into an aggressive sell-off last week. After prices bounced from trend-line support, prices quickly ran-up to near-term resistance around 136.00.
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GBP/JPY has recovered from last week's pullback, and with prices now at fresh 18-month highs, the object of focus is locating near-term support for bullish continuation strategies.
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GBP/USD continued the bullish close to 2017 by rallying up to a fresh post-Brexit high in the early portion of the New Year. But, will buyers be able to take out Fibonacci resistance before a pull-back shows up?
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scalping reports

USD/CHF to See a Reprieve as Price Rebounds Off Support

USD/JPY Responds to Confluent Support- Rebound to Offer Opportunity

Bitcoin Bloodbath: Prices Nearing Support, Is Relief in Sight?

A Weekly Technical Perspective on USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, Crude Oil

Crude Oil Price Breakout Testing Initial Resistance Targets

daily market commentary

ECB, BoJ Headline Next Week as USD Tries to Carve Out Support

EUR/USD Bounces from Fibonacci Support, the USD Pain Trade Continues

Will the Bank of Canada Trigger Another Leg of USD/CAD Weakness?

Gold Prices May Fall if BOC Signals More Rate Hikes on the Horizon

U.S. Dollar Rebounds as EUR/USD, GBP/USD Seek Out Higher-Low

commitment of traders report

CoT Report: Speculators Clamor to Buy Gold, Oil Extreme Still Irrelevant

CoT: Euro Speculators Record Long, Curious Position Changes in AUD/USD

CoT: Analysis on Changes in Positioning for Gold, Oil, Euro & GBP

CoT Shows Massive Unwind in Gold & Silver; Euro Bulls Unrelenting

COT: Large Speculators Long Pound Again; Gold, Silver Diverge

weekly technical analysis

EUR/USD Weekly Technical Outlook: Euro May Struggle More Before Higher

EUR/USD Weekly Chart Analysis: Euro May Find Limited Follow-through

Japanese Yen Technical Analysis: Pennant Backs Up USD/JPY Weakness

EUR/USD Weekly Technical Analysis: Euro Looking to Clear 2017 High

Japanese Yen Technical Analysis: USD/JPY Weakness Not Yet Proven