Daily Technical Reports

daily technical alerts

U.S. equities looked ready to roll over from bearish sequences and pick up momentum, but short-term strength has brought that into question; a couple of scenarios to watch moving forward.
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The Euro recoiled from familiar range resistance above the 0.90 figure against the British Pound, with prices flirting with a revival of the down started in late August.
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The New Zealand Dollar looks poised to start the next leg of a three-month down trend after dropping to the lowest since early June against its US counterpart.
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Crude oil prices might turn lower while gold scores gains as broad-based risk appetite sours across the financial markets into the week-end.
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Crude Oil prices seem to be well supported with potential short squeezes on the horizon with multiple geopolitical risks and tightening physical market signs developing.
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scalping reports

NZD/JPY Range Break Targets Fresh Monthly Lows

GBP/USD Consolidation Breakout Imminent

U.S. Dollar Sell-off Targets Initial Support

Ethereum Price Breakout Underway

EUR/USD Responds to Initial Support- Recovery to Offer Opportunity

daily market commentary

U.S. Dollar Digs into Support as Aussie, Kiwi Fall to Fresh Lows

Crude Oil Prices May Fall as Gold Gains Amid Risk Aversion

EUR/USD Churn Continues as Shooting Star Shows: A Bullish and a Bearish Case

Gold Prices Look to Fed-Speak for Possible Breakout Trigger

Are Euro Bears Done?

commitment of traders report

COT: Japanese Yen & New Zealand Dollar Positioning Move to New Extremes

COT: Oil Positioning Nears Record; CAD Traders Sell Most in 6 Months

COT: Large Specs Stubbornly Long Euro, CAD, AUD, but Fleeing from NZD

COT Report: JPY Sellers Hold Ground, CAD Large Spec Longs Won’t Budge

COT: EUR/USD & USD/CAD Prices Correct, Futures Positioning Doesn’t

weekly technical analysis

EUR/USD Weekly Technical Analysis: Euro Shorts Getting Sweaty Palms

Japanese Yen Technical Analysis: USDJPY Prepares, But For What

Japanese Yen Technical Analysis: USDJPY Uptrend Under Threat

EUR/USD Weekly Technical Analysis: Euro Sellers Taking a Stance

Japanese Yen Technical Analysis: USD/JPY Bulls Remain Hesitant