Tyler Yell, CMT

Tyler Yell, CMT

Forex Trading Instructor

Position Trading based on technical set ups, Risk Management & Trader Psychology.
Tyler Yell is a Currency Analyst & Trading Instructor for DailyFX in North Texas. Tyler joined DailyFX in 2012 after working for a major FX Broker in a Senior Sales role for four years. Tyler’s investing strategy varies from medium to long-term trades based on global macro themes with a few short-term trades when mean-reversion opportunities exist based on advanced technical set-ups. Tyler holds the Chartered Market Technician® (CMT) credential, which is the preeminent, global designation for practitioners of technical analysis. The CMT designation is awarded to those who demonstrate mastery of a core body of knowledge of investment risk in portfolio management settings. Tyler is also attending Southern Methodist University’s Professional MBA program that has given him a strong fundamental understanding of advanced market concepts. Readers of DailyFX appreciate Tyler’s unique ability to communicate market truths like risk management and technical set ups in a simple way to improve comprehension and application for the newer trader.



Dollar Index Fails to Show Definitive Reversal Signs Ahead of FOMC

The Dollar index has consolidated ahead of the September FOMC meeting, but few definitive signs of a bottom are in place.

Crude Oil Working On Extension Higher After Breaking Above Resistance

Crude Oil Bulls have plenty to cheer about after a breakout above 2017 resistance opens the way for further gains.

Trading Forecast: The Monetary Policy Race Heats Up, Now the Fed

The BoE is yet another central bank fanning the rate speculation flames, lifting the Pound and suppressing the Dollar. Will the Fed revive the Greenback?

Upgraded Demand Forecasts Gives Crude Best Week Since July

Despite heading for the first weekly gain since July, Crude Oil pushed lower from a strong downward trendline on Hurricane Irma risk.

USD/CAD Downtrend Disrupted By Rising UST Yields, Falling Commodities

The Canadian dollar uptrend that took off in May and has spent little time looking back has hit a speed bump as short USD positions are covered, but strength may remain.

FX Traders Juggle US Dollar Outlook, Hawkish BoE Boosts GBP To 1.34

A US CPI print helped the US Dollar Index moved to the highest level in a week while the BoE told markets to get their popcorn ready for rate hikes. Crude Oil breaks $50/bbl.

GBP Jumps to Top Of SW Index As Markets Work To Price In BoE Hawkishness

In the last week, Pound Sterling (GBP) has taken the crown from the still-strong Canadian Dollar to be the strongest G8 currency. On the other side of the spoils is the NZD, which dropped to the weak...

Crude Oil Faces Pivotal Moment As IEA Sees Strong Oil-Demand Growth

The seeds of change may be blooming as the IEA sees the strongest global oil-demand growth in two years as price approaches $50/bbl.

Video: GBP Jumps To YTD High Vs. USD As Yen Slump Takes Hold

Cable traded to a one-year high, and cross market analysis could show the USD is beginning to find support at the same time JPY is selling off.

GBP/USD Trades to 2017 High on Inflation Surge, JPM Calls Out Bitcoin

Sterling has been busy after the passing of a UK Parliamentary bill that clears the way for Brexit and CPI that could force the BoE to talk up GBP later this week.

Video: JPY Slumps On Improved Risk Tone, UK Data Could Boost GBP

A rebound in risk sentiment helped to spawn off a covering of short US Dollar Index positions and led to JPY selling. Commodities rallied on Chinese data.

USD/JPY Violently Reverses from YTD Low with Biggest Gain in 8-Months

JPY strength against USD quickly reversed on Monday as multiple risk-off scenarios failed to play out, which helped multiple currencies gain against the JPY.

Dollar Index Bounces From 33-Month Low, Risk In Vogue As JPY Sells Off

Dollar concerns remain, but Monday brought short-position covering as risk-sentiment was revived after multiple feared scenarios failed to play out.

Weekly Forecast: EUR/USD Two Year Highs the Extension of Trend?

Despite the ECB's hold and resolution to the US debt ceiling, EUR/USD surged to 2-year highs. Is this a renewed trend or setup for a fundamental crush?

Crude Oil Struggles To Maintain Weekly Gain As Irma Pressure Arrives

Despite heading for the first weekly gain since July, Crude Oil pushed lower from a strong downward trendline on Hurricane Irma risk.

Bearish USD/ZAR on Carry Trade Appeal, Weak USD

USD/ZAR is benefitting from multiple economic forces at a time when the charts are aligning with a possible downside extention.

Crude Oil Price Attempts Sharp Recovery, Faces $50-Level and 200 DMA

Just as the institutional speculators and hedge funds were jumping on the Crude Oil short trade, an 8% rally surfaced. Here's what we see happening next.

USD/JPY Unable to Break to New 2017 Lows Despite Weak USD & Sentiment

The environment appears ripe for Yen strength, but USD continues to hold the line. Focus remains on 2017 low with positively diverging oscillators.

Bank Of Canada Lifts Rates To 1%, CAD Likely To Test 1.20 To USD

In a move that surprised many, the Bank of Canada raised its target rate to 1%, matching the Federal Reserve and strengthening the Canadian dollar trend.

Weekly Trading Forecast: ECB, RBA and BOC Meetings in Focus

Financial markets will look away from the US for the first time in weeks as monetary policy announcements from the ECB, the RBA and BOC enter the spotlight.