Tyler Yell, CMT

Tyler Yell, CMT

Forex Trading Instructor

Position Trading based on technical set ups, Risk Management & Trader Psychology.
Tyler Yell is a Currency Analyst & Trading Instructor for DailyFX in North Texas. Tyler joined DailyFX in 2012 after working for a major FX Broker in a Senior Sales role for four years. Tyler’s investing strategy varies from medium to long-term trades based on global macro themes with a few short-term trades when mean-reversion opportunities exist based on advanced technical set-ups. Tyler holds the Chartered Market Technician® (CMT) credential, which is the preeminent, global designation for practitioners of technical analysis. The CMT designation is awarded to those who demonstrate mastery of a core body of knowledge of investment risk in portfolio management settings. Tyler is also attending Southern Methodist University’s Professional MBA program that has given him a strong fundamental understanding of advanced market concepts. Readers of DailyFX appreciate Tyler’s unique ability to communicate market truths like risk management and technical set ups in a simple way to improve comprehension and application for the newer trader.



Weekly Trading Forecast: All Eyes Still on the Federal Reserve

Speculation on Fed monetary policy has driven volatility across the markets since the beginning of the month. Minutes from January's FOMC meeting promise more of the same ahead.

Crude Oil Price Sees Weekly Gain on OPEC Persistence, Weak US Dollar

After a rough start to the beginning of February, Crude Oil remains bid and is bouncing off a handful of technical support points that could favor trend continuation.

Tactically Bearish USD/JPY on Retracement from 2-Year Lows

The Japanese Yen has jumped out of the gate to become the strongest of the G8 currencies to start 2018 while the US Dollar remains entrenched in a downtrend presenting opportunity.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Markets Brace for US Inflation Data

Global financial markets were roiled by fears of an aggressive Fed rate hike cycle last week. Incoming US inflation data may bring relief or trigger still more blood-letting.

Crude Oil Price Tests Key Trendline As Market Vol Spikes

Are the good times over? Crude Over has fallen the most since March and has taken a cue from other markets and turned negative on the year, but are fears here valid?

US Dollar Index (DXY) Forecast: Could The Stage Be Set For a Rally?

The US Dollar Index (DXY) has fallen aggressively for the better part of the last 12-months, but technical support and extreme positioning could shift the short-term bias.

Canadian Dollar Rate Forecast: CAD Taps 2018 Low After Employment Miss

The Canadian Dollar has fallen to 1.2685 per US$ after part-time employments drops aggressively, but the charts may provide another signal.

Crude Oil Price Forecast: How Bullish Institutions Became a Liability

Crude oil and other assets have fallen back to earth over the last week of trading, but the positioning in Crude should give caution to bulls waiting to buy value cheap.

USD/JPY Rate Forecast: Yen In The Crosshairs As Risk Off Accelerates

The USD/JPY rate has persistently pushed lower to open 2018 and is now facing a significant technical trading test that could open the gates of bearish capital flow if the level breaks.

Crude Oil Price Forecast: Bulls on Parade As Funds Increase Bets

The highly watched spread between WTI & the global benchmark, Brent has narrowed to the most in five years as US stockpiles drop alongside the US Dollar.

US Dollar Index (DXY) Forecast: The Significance of Breaking Polarity

The US Dollar Index (DXY) broke aggressively below a long-term polarity level on the chat that dated back to the GFC DXY peak. Here’s what that means.

Canadian Dollar Rate Forecast: Markets Set For Probable BoC Rate Hike

The Canadian Dollar has recently strengthened on the back of aggressive US Dollar selling to open 2018 as markets brace for a ~85% chance of BoC hike.

Crude Oil Price Forecast: Bulls Push to 50% of 2014 Drop, Brent to $70

Hedge Funds have opened up 2018 with a move to push Crude Oil to levels not seen since the beginning of the Crude Oil bear market, and the backdrop looks to favor further gains.

‎US Dollar Index (DXY) Forecast: Pessimism Holds on Move to 2009 Extreme

The US Dollar Index (DXY) seemed ripe to strengthen with the most hawkish major central bank and surprisingly good data, but other factors appear to be dominating the flow that has USD being sold.

USD/JPY Rate Forecast: USD Weakness Dominates 2018 Open

The USD/JPY rate has persistently pushed lower to open 2018 and is now facing a significant technical trading test that could open the gates of capital flow if the level breaks.

Tactically Bearish EUR/JPY on Pullback from 2-Year Highs

The Japanese Yen has jumped out of the gate to become the strongest of the G8 currencies to start 2018 and the bloated positioning in long EUR make a tactical short worth watching.

Crude Oil Price Forecast: 4% Rise To Start 2018 Seen Tempting Shale

WTI Crude Oil prices rallied further on Wednesday to the highest level in three years after data showed that the physical market is continuing to tighten amid widespread demand.

USD/JPY Rate Forecast: Has The Silent BoJ Taper Begun?

The Japanese Yen Rate has strengthened across the board on Tuesday on a surprise development by the Bank of Japan on their bond purchases.

Canadian Dollar Rate Forecast: BoC Great Rate Hike Expectations

The Canadian Dollar has recently dropped after trading at the strongest levels since September as the Bank of Canada meeting could lead to the next big move.

Weekly Forecast: Carry and Euro Rise to Start the Year as Dollar Struggles

NFPs underwhelmed an increasingly anesthetized Dollar crowd, but would the currency even responded more definitively to a more dramatic surprise? The Greenback’s bullish options seem to be thin...