Tyler Yell, CMT

Forex Trading Instructor

Position Trading based on technical set ups, Risk Management & Trader Psychology.
Tyler Yell is a Currency Analyst & Trading Instructor for DailyFX in North Texas. Tyler joined DailyFX in 2012 after working for a major FX Broker in a Senior Sales role for four years. Tyler’s investing strategy varies from medium to long-term trades based on global macro themes with a few short-term trades when mean-reversion opportunities exist based on advanced technical set-ups. Tyler holds the Chartered Market Technician® (CMT) credential, which is the preeminent, global designation for practitioners of technical analysis. The CMT designation is awarded to those who demonstrate mastery of a core body of knowledge of investment risk in portfolio management settings. Tyler is also attending Southern Methodist University’s Professional MBA program that has given him a strong fundamental understanding of advanced market concepts. Readers of DailyFX appreciate Tyler’s unique ability to communicate market truths like risk management and technical set ups in a simple way to improve comprehension and application for the newer trader.



EUR/USD Price Trades At 23-Month Highs, Dollar Drop Accelerates

The Dollar is beginning to witness a comedy of errors where even a dovish ECB & BoJ gave the traders no reason to bid up USD. Trump investigation adds to inflation fears.

ECB May Gift Bulls A EUR/USD Opportunity, Oil Price Supported On Draw

Traders remain in anticipation of the next 24-hours, which will bring the ECB, BoJ, AU employment and UK sales. Here are potential trades that could surface.

Crude Oil Price Forecast: Bulls Have Reason To Cheer The EIA Report

Crude Oil is trading strong and toward resistance after the weekly EIA report showed lower shipments from Saudi, improved demand, and a large draw.

US Dollar Drowns As AUD/USD And EUR/USD Test Breakout Waters

DXY traded at the lowest levels since September, and there appears little reason for buyers to step in as RBA goes hawkish and the Fed's ability to hike with falling inflation is in doubt.

USD Drops On Further Inflation Doubt As Trump Hope Wanes on Healthcare

The Dollar Index has intensified and broken lower on the Senate announcement that the Trump care vote would be dropped.

US Dollar Fate Not In US Hands As Data Focus Shifts To ECB And BoJ

While US Dollar did rebound in the session off 10-month lows, the focus will shift from disappointing US Data to the European Central Bank and Bank of Japan on Thursday.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Fed, BOC Cede Spotlight to the ECB, BOJ

Financial markets reacted to shifting Fed and BOC policy prospects in explosive fashion last week. It is now up to the ECB and the BOJ to stoke further volatility.

Crude Oil Rises Into 55-DMA On 5% Weekly Gain, Production Rises

Crude Oil is ending the week close to the 55-DMA thanks in part to a weak USD and the DoE showing the largest inventory draw since September.

CPI Miss Calls Fed Credibility Into Question, Dollar at 10-Month Low

Friday US data continued the trend of punishing news for the Fed who is expected to hike and begin balance sheet run-off later this year. Any course diversion could shake up the USD Bulls further.

3 Big Mistakes Traders Are Making in 2017 And How To Correct Them

Has trading FX this year been more difficult than expected? You are not alone and here are three culprits to blame and fix if you are having a hard time.

Australian Dollar Shines As USD Awaits CPI Print, Oil Price Supported

The US Dollar is hanging by a thread above 10-month lows ahead of an all-important CPI. A big miss would call the Fed’s ‘transitory’ view and credibility into question.

Bullish EUR/GBP on Increasing GBP Risks & Options Pricing

Risks are building for the UK economy that could show the BoE will be left behind as others normalize as EUR continues to strengthen.

Yellen Keeps USD on Downward Trajectory, BoC Catapults CAD With Hike

The Canadian Dollar launched into 16 month highs after the Bank of Canada hiked rates for the first time in 7 years while Yellen encouraged USD bears on her inflation concerns.

USD/JPY Price Analysis: Bearish Reversal Exposing USD Weakness

USD/JPY has reversed nearly 150 pips from Tuesday’s high of 114.50. However, these are two weak currencies, and it may be saying more about USD.

USD/CAD Plummets As BoC Does Not Look To Be ’One And Done’

The Canadian Dollar has just become the proud owner of a hawkish hike as Poloz talks up the economy even more and USD/CAD pushes toward 2016 lows.

Crude Oil Price Forecast: Watch WTI Price Action Near This Zone

Crude Oil is trading at a level that has provided strong support in the past, but increasing supply from OPEC may dampen the market's faith to buy.

Gold Price Pattern Favors Volatility, USD/CAD In FX Spotlight

The action in FX is expected to be focused around CAD, USD, & MXN as a week full of events and anticipated reactions to last week are in focus.

USD/CAD Price Analysis: Significant Trading Risk Ahead of BoC

The Canadian Dollar has moved to the strongest position within the G8 and appears to be a runaway train, but expectations should make the BoC announcement volatile. Key level provided.

USD/JPY Price Analysis: Break Above 114 Favors Further Upside

USD/JPY is making the Dollar look good, but don’t be fooled. The uber-weak JPY is the catalyst for further upside.

Crude Oil Price Forecast: Supply Pressure Adds To Bearish Key Day

Glut concerns remain after Baker Hughes show a resumption of new rigs neutralizing the positive effect from the EIA report showing sharp inventory declines.