Tyler Yell, CMT

Tyler Yell, CMT

Forex Trading Instructor

Position Trading based on technical set ups, Risk Management & Trader Psychology.
Tyler Yell is a Currency Analyst & Trading Instructor for DailyFX in North Texas. Tyler joined DailyFX in 2012 after working for a major FX Broker in a Senior Sales role for four years. Tyler’s investing strategy varies from medium to long-term trades based on global macro themes with a few short-term trades when mean-reversion opportunities exist based on advanced technical set-ups. Tyler holds the Chartered Market Technician® (CMT) credential, which is the preeminent, global designation for practitioners of technical analysis. The CMT designation is awarded to those who demonstrate mastery of a core body of knowledge of investment risk in portfolio management settings. Tyler is also attending Southern Methodist University’s Professional MBA program that has given him a strong fundamental understanding of advanced market concepts. Readers of DailyFX appreciate Tyler’s unique ability to communicate market truths like risk management and technical set ups in a simple way to improve comprehension and application for the newer trader.



Crude Oil Drops On Inventory Build, OPEC Plans but Trend May Continue

Crude Oil prices seem to be well supported with potential short squeezes on the horizon with multiple geopolitical risks and tightening physical market signs developing.

CAD Trades Like Petrocurrency Again Right When Oil Concerns Mount

Canadian Dollar weakness has reversed course after running away in late October, but the trend appears to favor a resumption of USD/CAD trending higher above 1.2451.

USD/JPY Showing Failure to Launch as Commodities Sag on Sentiment

USD/JPY continues to brush off short-term gains to trade below within 2% of the highest level since March, and has recently been driven by the drop in commodity prices.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Volatility Ahead on Key Data, US Tax Cut

Financial markets look set for another volatile week as top-tier economic data flow amplifies price swings driven by speculation about US fiscal policy.

Crude Oil Sees Most Weekly Gains In A Year As Politics Support Price

Crude Oil is displaying the longest bullish run since October of 2016 as a new factor brings in support to the market, political instability

USD/JPY Hits Highest Level Since March As Kuroda Backs Further Easing

USD/JPY continues to push toward 115, and traded as high as 114.73 when BoJ Governor Kuroda expressed the further need for ‘powerful easing.’

Crude Oil Price Forecast: Saudi Shake Up Supports Oil to 2 Year High

The price of Crude oil traded at a 28-month high, and hedge funds are jumping in as the stage is set for the OPEC meeting in Vienna later this month.

Weekly Trading Forecast: US Taxes, RBA and RBNZ Vie for Attention

The battle to pass Fed-influencing US tax cut legislation will vie with policy announcements from the RBA and the RBNZ for the markets' attention.

WTI Crude Oil Trades Intraday to 2017 High As OPEC Breeds Confidence

The price of Crude Oil is set to rise another week, making it the fourth advancement of both WTI Crude and ICE Brent Oil. In late trading on Friday

It’s US Payroll Day! Join Our Top Analysts Live As The News Hits

Live US NFP Coverage: Will a Rebound In Payrolls Lift USD Further?

GBP Strength Pre-FOMC As Traders Question BoE’s Long-Term Plan

Traders are getting their popcorn and bids ready ahead of a crucial few days for the market outlook for major currencies filled with central bank events.

WTI Crude Oil Working On Highest Close of 2017 On Demand Growth

Crude Oil prices seem to be well supported and OPEC may have the last laugh as evidenced by derivatives markets showing traders are losing interest in downside exposure in the future.

Bearish AUD/USD on Falling Carry Trade Premium

Reasons for engaging a long-AUD trade are vanishing, which could open up AUD/USD to trade aggressively lower into the close of 2017.

Dollar Pulls Back Into Month End, Long-Term Gains Favored

DXY is coming off its best week in 2017 as traders find concerns among previous thoughts of other hawkish central banks may go unfulfilled.

Weekly Forecast: A Crowded Field with Fed, BoE, BoJ and NFPs Ahead

The economic docket is packed with high profile market-moving event risk through the coming week. A key theme to emerge from this run will be monetary policy with the Fed, BoE and BoJ all on tap. The...

Brent to 27-month high, Flood of US Crude Fails To Ignite Oil Selling

Crude Oil bounced between fundamental drivers that continue to encourage Bulls and has led to a swelling in Bullish market positions.

US Dollar Index Closes In On Strongest Weekly Gains of 2017

A wild week ended with the market confident on a new Fed chair and doubtful on the ECB tightening monetary policy anytime soon, boosting USD.

JPY Set To Challenge King Dollar Status In G8, Dollar Likely To Win Out

USD/JPY continues to test 115, but a handful of factors could show this time as different that could favor big opportunities.

A Burden Removed Looks Set To Help Drive USD/JPY Higher

The JPY weakened overnight to 114 per USD on a large victory secured by Shinzo Abe that gave his party a super majority.

The Land of the Falling JPY Aligns With Big Test for US Economy: SW Report

Another weekend, another political development as an LDP Abe victory looks set to guide JPY crosses for now, and the USD faces a big test atop G8 SW.