Tyler Yell, CMT

Forex Trading Instructor

Position Trading based on technical set ups, Risk Management & Trader Psychology.
Tyler Yell is a Trading Instructor for DailyFX. Tyler began trading equities in his own account after graduating from Texas State University in 2005 to work as a Financial Advisor to business owners and wealthy individuals. Tyler came to FXCM from JPMorgan Chase where he began trading Forex back in 2007. Tyler has a unique ability to communicate market truths like risk management and technical set ups in a simple way to improve comprehension and application for the newer trader. His technically focused strategy looks at mainly price action across multiple time frames to catch those big moves that develop throughout the year. He believes there is always a move worth trading and he will help you find it while teaching you how to find those moves yourself.



USD/JPY Technical Analysis: Head & Shoulder’s Target And Then What?

USD/JPY Has Moved Aggressively Lower From 112 After BoJ Didn’t Meet Market Hopes. Now many wonder, how low can it go?

US DOLLAR Technical Analysis: Score One For Seasonality

The US Dollar was seasonally weak as April tends to see. Now, what will Summer draw up for USD?

USD/JPY Technical Analysis: Signs of Hope for JPY Bears?

USD/JPY Has Moved Aggressively Higher Off LT Channel Support. After Price Struggled To Push Below Support, A Larger Reversal May Be Nigh.

USD/CAD Technical Analysis: Will Yellen Stop or Strengthen CAD’s Run?

The Canadian Dollar is higher against the US Dollar in April more than two times the second strongest currency. Will this strength hold?

WTI Crude Oil Price Forecast: China Optimism Pushes Oil Past $45/bbl

WTI Crude Oil (CFD: US Oil) Has Risen to levels previously thought unimaginable. However, there is a stirring in the market that shows bulls may need not worry.

Bearish USDNOK: Oil Breakout & Macro Trend of Weaker US Dollar

Weekly Trading Forecast: Fed Decision, BoJ Intervention, 1Q GDP Top Event Risk

The week ahead is the antithesis of what we leave behind. The docket is stocked with major market movers - event risk that can do much more than generate a little volatility.

China’s Commodity Hunger & Weak USD Support New Zealand Dollar

The New Zealand Dollar hit 2016 highs this week as the commodity train continued to roll on the back of an increasing China Demand. Unfortunately, spot NZD/USD ended the week on a soft note after fal...

USD/JPY Technical Analysis: Will The Blast-Off Hold?

USD/JPY Has Moved Aggressively Higher Off Channel Support. After Price Struggled To Push Below Support, A Reversal May Be Nigh.

US DOLLAR Technical Analysis: Who’s Happier? Bears or Central Bankers

The US Dollar has found Year-Long Support. If It Doesn’t Bounce Now, It May Not for a While.

USD/CAD Technical Analysis: What Doha?

The Canadian Dollar is taking cues from WTI Crude Oil as it pushes higher and higher against the US Dollar.

US DOLLAR Technical Analysis: Retesting 2016 Lows

The Fed Is Doing a Good Job Making the USD Long Position Less Attractive Than It Was. So Are The Charts.

WTI Crude Oil Price Forecast: When Bad News Isn’t As Bad

WTI Crude Oil (CFD: US Oil) Has Fallen After a Failed Agreement in Doha. Now, A Bullish Resumption Could Indicate a Real Trend Change.

USD/JPY Technical Analysis: Seeing Signs of JPY Weakness

USD/JPY Now Sits on Channel Support. As Price Struggles To Push Below Fibonacci Support, Resistance Now Comes Into Focus.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Yen Intervention, ECB Desperation and Fed Timing

While pressure builds on the technical front, the fundamental threat list continues to grow. Unusual monetary policy currents will compete with risk appetite in the week ahead.

Little Relief Ahead for G10 FX’s Weakest Currency, the British Pound

We’re less than 70 days away from the historic ‘Brexit’ vote on June 23, and preference remains that a status quo ‘Remain’ vote will win out.

USD/JPY Technical Analysis: Will They or Won’t They?

The US Dollar has weakened ~14.5% against the JPY since peaking last summer, now many are wondering if the BoJ will shock the markets with a new stimulus.

USD/CAD Technical Analysis: Bank of Canada Provides Breather For Bears

The Bank of Canada further supported the strength of the Canadian Dollar with today’s statement.

WTI Crude Oil Price Forecast: Up In Rarified Air

WTI Crude Oil (CFD: US Oil) Has Broken Above the 200-DMA For The First Time Since H1 2014, And a Multitude of Factors Favor Continued Strength.

US DOLLAR Technical Analysis: Has Anyone Seen The Bulls?

Institutions Are Leaving The Long USD Positions, Signaling Downside Will Be Easier To Come By For The Greenback.

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