Renee Mu

Currency Analyst

Fundamental analysis, polices, China
Renee Mu is a Currency Analyst for DailyFX. She holds a dual Bachelor degree in Economics and Pharmacy from Peking University, as well as a Master's degree in Finance from University of Illinois at Urbana. Applying this diverse background, Renee looks at different macro and micro themes in her fundamental analysis. As a bi-cultural professional, she has particular insight regarding her native country of China and focuses on the interplay between Chinese financial markets and government policy. She also inserts her knowledge of programming and technical skills into the mix of research.



Weekly Trading Forecast: Trump Speech May Define Market Mood

Financial markets may overlook ample top-tier economic data and a steady stream of central bank commentary as a pivotal speech from US President Donald Trump takes the spotlight.

Yuan Eyes on Growth Outlook from Top Conferences

Looking forward, there are a bunch of events dotted on both China’s and the U.S’ economic calendar, which could add some volatility to Dollar/Yuan rates.

China’s Market News: Onshore Yuan Remains Capped amid Neutral Policy

The onshore USD/CNY has tested both sides of a range within past two weeks.

HKD Gains as Hong Kong Introduces Tax Cuts to Stimulate Economy

Hong Kong Financial Secretary released the budget for the fiscal year of 2017 to 2018, with stimulus measures.

China’s Market News: Banks Face Elevated Targeted RRR as Fail in Assessment

The PBOC has been guiding credit to flow into desirable sectors. When banks failed to meet its standards, they would have to bear higher reserve requirement ratios.

China’s Market News: The PBOC Revises Yuan Reference Rate Mechanism

Chinese media has widely reported this change despite of no official announcement from the policymaker yet.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Fed, Team Trump Battle for Influence

Financial markets cheered a confident Fed yet wilted on fears of status-quo-shattering maneuvers from "team Trump" last week. The tug of war is set to resume in the week ahead.

Offshore Yuan Exposed to Onshore Risks as Spread Narrows

The USD/CNH set a higher low this week than the previous two weeks. The onshore Yuan, on the other hand, remained within a tight range for the third consecutive week.

China’s Neutral Monetary Policy - What Does it Mean for Markets?

Is the January New Yuan Loans print too high? What is the desirable level of liquidity for the PBOC?

Tax and Trade Promises Won’t Carry Last Week’s Dollar, Equities Trend

Though the event risk this past week was varied, the effective fundamental motivation was once again derived from trade and competitive policies.

CNH verse CNY Spread May Narrow Further amid Weak Support

The offshore Yuan remained stronger than the PBOC’s guided levels this week, although the spreads have narrowed to around 100 pips on Friday.

Bitcoin Dives after Chinese Exchanges’ Halt in Withdrawals

All three major Chinese Bitcoin platforms have cut services. However, this is not the end of China cracking down illegal transactions through Bitcoin.

China’s Market News: Government Bond Yields Rise Amid Tightened Liquidity

The PBOC has tightened onshore liquidity through lending rate hikes and the suspension on open market operations.

China’s Market News: Yuan Weakens, Foreign Reserves Fall

The USD/CNH continues to show an inverse relationship with China’s foreign reserves.

China’s Market News: Offshore Yuan at Cross Roads Amid Widened Spread

The offshore Yuan has been stronger than PBOC’s guided levels for nearly a month (except during the Chinese New Year). Will this continue?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Markets Consumed by US Politics

The financial markets remain engrossed in the drama of US politics as investors weigh up the still-murky fiscal plans of President Donald Trump.

Yuan to Take Clues from the PBOC, Key Data

The offshore Yuan strengthened to 6.7919 against the U.S. Dollar as of 12pm EST on Friday, the strongest level in two weeks.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Economic Event Risk Heats Up Anew

Economic event risk makes a dramatic return in the week ahead as central banks in Japan, the UK and the US offer rate decisions all while top-tier data flows across the wires.

Yuan Faces Major Event Risks Despite Holiday

China will release the Caixin PMI manufacturing print for January on Thursday, which is expected to drop slightly to 51.8 from 51.9, yet still in the expansion territory

China’s Market News: Bitcoin Volume Plunges on Elevated Costs, Inspections

Not only Bitcoin prices but also its volume has been on a roller-coaster ride.