Renee Mu

Renee Mu

Currency Analyst

Fundamental analysis, polices, China
Renee Mu is a Currency Analyst for DailyFX. She holds a dual Bachelor degree in Economics and Pharmacy from Peking University, as well as a Master's degree in Finance from University of Illinois at Urbana. Applying this diverse background, Renee looks at different macro and micro themes in her fundamental analysis. As a bi-cultural professional, she has particular insight regarding her native country of China and focuses on the interplay between Chinese financial markets and government policy. She also inserts her knowledge of programming and technical skills into the mix of research.



Weekly Trading Forecast: Key US Data Brings Fed Outlook in Focus

Financial markets may turn their attention back to the Federal Reserve as critical economic data crosses the wires in the week ahead.

Yuan Likely Continues to Consolidate amid NPC; China Still Looks to Avoid a Trade War

China’s NPC will decide top policymakers for monetary and fiscal policies in the coming days. At the same time, the country continues to take efforts to avoid a trade war with the U.S.

China’s NPC: President, PBOC Governor Elections, 2018 Targets and More

Every five year, China’s National People’s Congress will elect top government leaders and agency heads, from the president to PBOC governor; the annual meeting will also release economic ...

Weekly Trading Forecast: Can Equities and FX Majors Hold Range?

This past week’s price action from indices to FX to commodities was a notable transition from the extreme volatility earlier in the month.

Yuan Eyes on GDP, Fiscal Deficit Targets at Annual Meetings

China will host the annual NPC and CPPCC meetings in a week; the growth target as well as other economic goals to be released by the Premier are in the spotlight.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Markets Brace for US Inflation Data

Global financial markets were roiled by fears of an aggressive Fed rate hike cycle last week. Incoming US inflation data may bring relief or trigger still more blood-letting.

Yuan May Retrace around Lunar New Year; Stocks, Oil Futures, BTC are in Spotlight

Following a volatile week, the Yuan is likely to correct amid regulators’ concerns. At the same time, Chinese equites, commodities and cryptocurrencies will remain in focus.

Weekly Trading Forecast: All Eyes on RBA, RBNZ and BOE Rate Calls

Monetary policy announcements from the RBA, the RBNZ and the Bank of England are poised to dominate financial markets' attention in the week ahead.

Yuan May Suspend Advance amid Trade Concerns

The offshore Yuan gained for the eighth straight week against the U.S. Dollar. However, emerging trade disagreements between China and its major partners may suspend the advance.

Weekly Forecast: Event Risk Ramps Up from US GDP to ECB Rate Decision

We have seen sentiment start off to a remarkable robust clip for 2018, but how much of that is due to an absence of heavy event risk to undermine momentum born of complacency?

Yuan Looks to US-China Trade Talks, PBOC Policies

Next week, the Yuan will face a risk of the U.S. imposing trade sanctions against China. At the same time, the PBOC will continue to guide the Yuan and crack down cryptocurrencies.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Markets Chase Rate Hikes Outside the US

Financial markets are chasing nascent monetary policy turns outside the US. Rate hike prospects in Canada, Australia and the UK take top billing in the week ahead.

Yuan Eyes on China GDP, Fixed Asset Investment

Key Chinese economic gauges have the Yuan at risk from home next week; at the same time, Chinese regulator’s view on the currency will continue to play a role.

Yuan Plunges After PBOC Changes Managed Regime, What to Expect Next?

China’s Central Bank suspended the use of the counter-cyclical factor in calculating the Yuan fixing. What does it mean? And how will it impact Yuan’s outlook?

Weekly Forecast: Carry and Euro Rise to Start the Year as Dollar Struggles

NFPs underwhelmed an increasingly anesthetized Dollar crowd, but would the currency even responded more definitively to a more dramatic surprise? The Greenback’s bullish options seem to be thin...

Yuan May Extend Gains on New Policies, China-France Summit Adds Uncertainties

Chinese regulators’ newly-introduced policies may support the Yuan; Xi-Macron meetings are likely to both touch on controversial issues and reach deals.

Yuan’s Review in 2017 and Top Drivers in 2018

In 2017, the Chinese Yuan gained against the U.S. Dollar following losses in 2014 -2016. In 2018, what factors will matter the most?

Weekly Forecast: US Political Headlines, Brexit Negotiation and Rate Decisions Ahead

Volatility has started to churn this past week and the course looks just as tumultuous ahead. From political headlines for US equities to Brexit negotiations.

Yuan Looks to Foreign Reserves, US-China Trade

Yuan may benefit from eased capital outflows, while suffer from trade tensions between the U.S. and China.

Weekly Trading Forecast: US Politics May Trump Economics Again

Financial markets are likely to remain at the mercy of US politics despite a flurry of speeches from key central bankers and several big-splash releases on the economic calendar.