Renee Mu

Renee Mu

Currency Analyst

Fundamental analysis, polices, China
Renee Mu is a Currency Analyst for DailyFX. She holds a dual Bachelor degree in Economics and Pharmacy from Peking University, as well as a Master's degree in Finance from University of Illinois at Urbana. Applying this diverse background, Renee looks at different macro and micro themes in her fundamental analysis. As a bi-cultural professional, she has particular insight regarding her native country of China and focuses on the interplay between Chinese financial markets and government policy. She also inserts her knowledge of programming and technical skills into the mix of research.



US China Trade War & a Brief History of Trade Wars – 1900 until Present

In this report, we look at some of the key events that have promoted and stymying global trade from 1900 to the latest US China Trade War.

Weekly Forecast: FOMC Minutes, Powell Speech Keep Fed in Focus

Fed monetary policy remains in focus for financial markets as minutes from May’s FOMC meeting and a speech from Fed Chair Powell cross the wires.

Yuan May Gain Ahead of MSCI Inclusion; Risk from Trade Disputes Remains

In less than two weeks, Chinese A-shares will be officially added to MSCI indices, which will likely boost the demand in the Yuan. At the same time, China may find more mutual interests with Germany ...

Weekly Trading Forecast: BOE, RBNZ Compete with Fed for Attention

Financial markets preoccupied with the direction of Fed monetary policy will have to make room for rate decisions form the RBNZ and the BOE in the week ahead.

Yuan May Lose on Weak Exports, Gain on Warmer China-Japan Relations

The Chinese Yuan may face a mixed impact from the unsolved US-China trade discrepancies and a reset in China-Japan ties.

Fed Meeting, US Jobs Data Headline Action-Packed Trading Week

Financial markets are bracing for an action-packed trading week headlined by the Fed monetary policy announcement and April’s US jobs data.

Yuan Torn Between US-China Political Alliance and Trade Disputes

The US- China relationship has been a top driver to the Dollar/Yuan; it will likely continue to have a mixed development. At the same time, the Yuan faces risks from domestic policies and the economi...

Weekly Trading Forecast: Can Key Events like China GDP Cut Through Political Risk Volatility?

Can key event risk like China GDP or the BoC rate decision offer clarity to counter the general uncertainty of political risk?

Yuan Risk Remains Elevated amid US, China Seeking Trade Allies, 1Q GDP

US-China tariffs attacks may be on hold, but each party has begun to bring in allies. Also, China will release the first quarter GDP, having the Yuan at risk from home.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Trade Wars Rise Again, How will World Fare?

Just as it seemed the markets were settling from their fears over escalating trade wars, the flames were fanned to close the week. How will risk trends evolve into the coming week amid regular data f...

Yuan at Risk amid US-China Tariff Attacks, Multilateral Trade Disputes

The US-China trade war will continue to drive Yuan moves. In addition, it seems that more countries have joined the battles.

A War to Trade More, Not Less - What’s Behind US-China Tariffs

A look at the background of US-China trade relations and where significant trade flows occur will help form a basis of understanding for a potential trade war.

China’s Trade Stance, Possible Moves against US, and Impact to USD/CNH

Here is what China says about the trade war and how it could react next.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Key US Data Brings Fed Outlook in Focus

Financial markets may turn their attention back to the Federal Reserve as critical economic data crosses the wires in the week ahead.

Yuan Likely Continues to Consolidate amid NPC; China Still Looks to Avoid a Trade War

China’s NPC will decide top policymakers for monetary and fiscal policies in the coming days. At the same time, the country continues to take efforts to avoid a trade war with the U.S.

China’s NPC: President, PBOC Governor Elections, 2018 Targets and More

Every five year, China’s National People’s Congress will elect top government leaders and agency heads, from the president to PBOC governor; the annual meeting will also release economic ...

Weekly Trading Forecast: Can Equities and FX Majors Hold Range?

This past week’s price action from indices to FX to commodities was a notable transition from the extreme volatility earlier in the month.

Yuan Eyes on GDP, Fiscal Deficit Targets at Annual Meetings

China will host the annual NPC and CPPCC meetings in a week; the growth target as well as other economic goals to be released by the Premier are in the spotlight.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Markets Brace for US Inflation Data

Global financial markets were roiled by fears of an aggressive Fed rate hike cycle last week. Incoming US inflation data may bring relief or trigger still more blood-letting.

Yuan May Retrace around Lunar New Year; Stocks, Oil Futures, BTC are in Spotlight

Following a volatile week, the Yuan is likely to correct amid regulators’ concerns. At the same time, Chinese equites, commodities and cryptocurrencies will remain in focus.