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Fundamental analysis and financial markets.
Nicholas Cawley has more than 30 years of experience covering a wide range of financial markets and instruments. After nearly two decades of trading and broking a variety of fixed-income products, Nick turned his hand to reporting and analysing macro and micro events in the fixed income and foreign exchange sectors.



EUR Gains After Inflation Readings Beat Expectations

The single currency pulled back recent losses after the latest Euro-Zone inflation readings beat market expectations, easing the pressure on ECB President Mario Draghi.

EUR Ticks Modestly Higher After Upbeat Euro-Zone Confidence Indicators

The latest set of Euro-Zone confidence indicators beat expectations, supporting the EUR ahead of the ECB monetary policy meeting.

EUR/GBP Analyst Pick

Brexit Briefing: Polls Show UK Ruling Party Extending Its Power Base

The latest batch of UK opinion polls show the ruling Tory Party gaining more seats at the next election on June 8 but six weeks is a long time in politics.

DailyFX European Desk Round Table: Political Risk in Europe Dissipating for Euro & Pound

Join DailyFX strategists Christopher Vecchio, Martin Essex, and Nick Cawley for a discussion on the major influences out of Europe impacting FX markets.

GBP Retains Early Gains as UK Annual Deficit Falls

The British Pound kept hold of its recent gains after official data points to lower UK borrowing.

EUR Gains Little New Impetus From Strong German Ifo Release

The latest set of German sentiment indicators continue to show Europe’s largest economy pushing further ahead.

Weekly Forecast: French Election, Trump Tax Plan, US GDP in Focus

Financial markets are set for a volatile week as first round of the French presidential election, a White House tax reform proposal and first-quarter US GDP data looms ahead.

Canadian Dollar Likely to Weaken Further as March Low Nears

USDCAD nears the recent March 9 high of 1.35351 with further gains on the cards as the price of oil fades lower.

Brexit Briefing: GBP Bolstered by Early UK Voting Intentions

UK PM Theresa May has strengthened her grip on the country, according to the latest YouGov poll, underpinning an already strong British Pound.

French Election Uncertainty Rattles the Euro

With less than a week to go before voting in the first round of the French election, four candidates are still very much in the running.

Weekly Forecast: Geopolitics Clouds Financial Market Trends Anew

Geopolitics threaten to derail financial markets yet again as investors reckon with the aftermath of an unexpected US airstrike against Syria.

Crude Oil Set to Consolidate After Sharp Run-Up

US crude oil has rallied sharply since March 27 on the back of better inventory data and Thursday’s intervention by the US in Syria.

DailyFX European Market Wrap: US Military Strikes in Syria, US NFPs Shake Markets

European market wrap with Daily FX Analyst Nicolas Cawley who explains the impact of the US military strikes in Syria, how UK CPI data may impact the markets and what to expect from the German ZEW re...

GBP Points South After Weak UK Data And Widening Trade Deficit

A widening UK trade deficit and worse than expected manufacturing and industrial production figures weigh on the British Pound.

EUR/JPY Technical Analysis: Trend Continues But Hammer Opens New Opportunities

The appearance of a hammer candlestick on the four-hour chart may give traders a better opportunity to open a EUR/JPY long.

USD Jumps After Much Better Than Expected March ADP Payrolls

ADP payrolls in March come in much higher than expected but February’s blowout revised lower.

Brexit Briefing: EUR Steadies Then Falls After French Debate, Mixed PMI Data

EURGBP edged a touch higher after the second television debate re-affirmed centrist Emmanuel Macron as the next likely President of France, but slipped back after strong UK services data.

DailyFX European Desk Round Table: Brexit Begins, ECB Pushback, French Elections

Join DailyFX strategists Christopher Vecchio, Martin Essex, and Nick Cawley for a discussion on the major influences out of Europe impacting FX markets at the start of April.

FX Markets Look to RBA Rate Decision, FOMC Minutes, March US NFPs

The beginning of a new month and quarter should help market participants’ recalibrate their views after a rocky end to Q1’17.