John Kicklighter

John Kicklighter

Chief Currency Strategist

Fundamental analysis and market themes.
John Kicklighter is a Senior Currency Strategist and head of DailyFX in New York City and San Francisco where he specializes in combining fundamental and technical analysis with money management. Actively trading since he was a teenager, his experience ranges from spot currency, financial futures, commodities, stocks and options on all these instruments for his personal accounts. He holds a Finance and Investment degree from the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College in New York City.



To Take a Trade or Not When You Know You’ll be Offline

What do you do when you are fairly confident in a trade, yet you know you will not be able to monitor it as closely as you'd like?

Dollar Turns Lower and US Equities Meander after IMF Update

While the IMF's update for the world's largest economy wasn't particularly flattering, its projections for the globe was a 0.1 percent point update for both 2017 and 2018

Cutting and Reestablishing Trades (Dollar) to Avoid Risk or Illiquidity

If you are facing a period of high risk and/or illiquid market conditions with a trade you have, is it better to cut or hold out and hope for the best?

NFPs Ease S&P 500’s Record Breaking Run, Dollar Advance But Ends Neither

As expected, the September nonfarm payrolls (NFPs) proved surprising; but the market was prepared for the outcome.

Dollar Loaded for NFPs While the Risk Reach Hits Astronomical Levels

This past session, we saw the Dollar firm up to noteworthy technical levels both on a trade-weighted basis and across key pairs.

Trading Extremes with VIX at Record Low and S&P 500 Record High

I've been a skeptic of the value to be found in the broader markets amid years of low-yield and central bank-supported risk reach for some time.

Should We Apply Technical Analysis to VIX and Volatility?

Normally, I don't apply technical analysis to data and derivative measures of the financial markets.

EURUSD Running Out of Time: ECB Minutes, NFPs, US Rating Ahead

The market's speculative fever has yet to break. US equity indexes continued to lead the charge higher through this past session's close earning a fresh record highs for the S&P 500, Dow 30 and N...

A Dollar Recovery That Gains Traction or Flounders

Since marking a two-and-a-half year low early in September, the Dollar has attempted a broad recovery to claw back serious ground lost throughout 2017

A S&P 500 Record High and 4 Year Activity Low, Dollar Recovery Needs Inspiration

The reach for risk seems never ending. No wonder so many are ready to capitulate on caution and join the speculative reach.

Dollar and US Equities Start Out Quarter Strong while Pound, Euro and Oil Drop

The new week, month and quarter started off with a bang for risk trends...well, at least for sentiment's constant outperformer, US equities.

Yen Cross Opportunity in a Divergence from ’Risk’

If we were to use US equities as our baseline, risk trends have charged forward. Yet, not all speculative aligned assets have performed as well as the Dow or S&P 500.

What Does the Fourth Quarter Hold for the Dollar, Equities, Oil and Other Key Markets?

The third quarter has drawn to a close with remarkable levels of inactivity despite an abundance of trends from key benchmarks.

Appealing Technical Conditions for AUDUSD and Aussie Crosses Tee RBA Decision

What would happen if a fallen-from-grace carry currency were to find the market once again projecting a policy that points to higher rates?

Euro Looks to Take a Breather in Q4 as Political Risk Drivers Fade

In general, economic data should continue to reign supreme as the top influence on the Euro during Q4’17. Coupled with doubts over the timing of the ECB stimulus

Will Dow and VIX Continue to Defy Seasonal Norms in Q4?

To suspect that outside forces can thwart any unknown developments to make us as investors whole is a profoundly complacent view to maintain.

Dollar Forecast: Dollar Trends Lower, but are Bears Overstretched?

The Dollar has suffered through 2017. The first three quarters of the year saw the individual currency drop as much as 13 percent. While there is fundamental weight to this move, have bearish interes...

Sterling’s Fading Advance Makes it Prone to Technical ’Accidents’

At present, the Bank of England carries the highest probability amongst the major central banks for a 25 basis point rate hike by the end of the year.

SPX and VIX-Led Risk Reach Defining the Quarter, Dollar’s Hesitates in Bull Turn

We are just a day away from closing out the quarter and an eighth consecutive quarterly advance for the S&P 500

BoC Governor Triggers USDCAD Bears’ Fears, Sparks 1.2400 Break

Monetary policy continues to lead the biggest speculative movements in the FX market. Yet, the conditions of these theme have changed materially in just a year.