John Kicklighter

Chief Currency Strategist

Fundamental analysis and market themes.
John Kicklighter is a Senior Currency Strategist and head of DailyFX in New York City and San Francisco where he specializes in combining fundamental and technical analysis with money management. Actively trading since he was a teenager, his experience ranges from spot currency, financial futures, commodities, stocks and options on all these instruments for his personal accounts. He holds a Finance and Investment degree from the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College in New York City.



Dollar Rise Cut Short, Bitcoin Volatility Cools, Oil Bear Trend In Doubt

One thing is clear: if we expect big moves from these markets, we will need something to catalyze volatility or fuel trend.

S&P 500, Oil, VIX - Trade the Market You Have Not the One You Want

Clear breakouts with strong follow through and persistent trends represent some of the best trading conditions.

Oil Price Slide Triggers USD/CAD Reversal, PMIs to Pace Growth

It is difficult to override universal market forces. Risk trends have cemented the sense of complacency riff throughout the global financial system with choppy advance to multi-year or record highs f...

Video: Fundamentals that Justify Versus Fundamentals that Trade

Fundamental analysis is an important tool for assessing the market's and one's own bearings, but it can also be used to deceive ourselves.

EUR/USD Reversal Stalls but USD/CAD’s Continues Thanks to Oil

If we are in the midst of a Summer Lull in trading, Wednesday was arguably the eye of that storm. Not only does it align nicely with the summer solstice and in the middle of the calendar year's quiet...

Volatility May Be Low but Participation Remains Extraordinarily High

Traders spend a considerable amount of analysis time plotting out their forecasts for activity (volatility) and turnover (volume) - and for good reason.

Dollar On Technical Verge of Reversal, SPX Further to Go, RBNZ Ahead

The benchmarks of the capital and currency markets are digging into counter-trend moves. How much conviction should we expect from these early developments against the expectations of seasonal illiqu...

Is Fed Speak Enough to Force a EUR/USD Head-and-Shoulders Break?

Benchmarks for sentiment like the S&P 500 are almost always the first place to look at the start of any week to gauge the phase of speculative appetite in the financial system.

What to Understand When Calling Longer Term Trades

Is it better to jump into the short-term or long-term end of the trading pool? When first wading in, ambitious traders will usually chose one of the two extremes according to their personality.

Dollar’s Fledgling Bull Trend to be Tested, VIX Faces Summer Lull

We have seen the global markets charged this past week by a general shift in monetary policy driven by the Federal Reserve's decision to start working off its large balance sheet.

Strain in Risk Post FOMC, Pound Finds Its Own BoE Surprise

This past session, the US Dollar extended its rebound with the realization of its monetary policy advantage sinking in.

The Complexity of the BoE for Pound vs Simplicity of Jobs for Aussie

Rarely are critical turning points in central themes that influence the entire financial system decided so unilaterally.

FOMC Turns EUR/USD and USD/CAD, What Will BoE Do for Pound?

The Fed did not mince words. Its policy update Wednesday was hawkish and that fact was not lost on the Dollar.

Strategy for Trading Fed Decision Goes Behind Hike or No Hike

Anxiety over complacency is rising rapidly as we head into a particularly important event risk: the FOMC's (Federal Open Market Committee) rate decision

Traders Ready for Dollar, Equity Volatility on FOMC Decision

We will start an important and volatile run of event risk this week with the champion of high profile listings: the FOMC rate decision

Benchmarks of False Flags like VIX and Genuine Prophecy Like the Dollar

Most market participants don't have time to fully analyze the backdrop of the currency, region, asset class or market that they intend to trade.

Tech Stocks Level Out Before Panic, FOMC Anchoring Dollar Ambitions

The nasty spill suffered by a corner of the US equity market to end this past week didn't signal a full sentiment collapse for the broad market this least not yet.

Pick the Simple Trades to Improve Probability

It is not uncommon to find traders pursue the obscura - whether through fundamental or technical analysis - to 'discover' something that no one else has yet come upon.

Tech Rattles Risk, Pound Threatens More, Fed Ready to Hike

Given, neither the outlook for the Brexit negotiations nor the UK's financial and economic health are any clearer after the vote; it is reasonable to expect the Pound's course is still ahead of it.

Dollar Rises After Comey, Euro Falls on ECB, Pound Drops After Exit Polls

This past session's scene of high profile event risk didn't follow the expected script. The Dollar, Euro and Pound were all put into motion after their respective events.