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John Kicklighter

Chief Currency Strategist

Fundamental analysis and market themes.
John Kicklighter is a Senior Currency Strategist and head of DailyFX in New York City and San Francisco where he specializes in combining fundamental and technical analysis with money management. Actively trading since he was a teenager, his experience ranges from spot currency, financial futures, commodities, stocks and options on all these instruments for his personal accounts. He holds a Finance and Investment degree from the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College in New York City.



EUR/USD Holds 1.1700 as FOMC Minutes, Political Risk Halt Dollar Run

Hope for a more robust risk trend for the global markets has further fallen apart this past session. Further speculative reach in the Asian and European markets turned fully inert in the US session.

What Currencies Have the Most to Lose in Risk Aversion - Dollar to Euro

We seem to have - at least temporarily - avoided another true collapse in risk trends. This makes for the perfect time to evaluate what currencies among the majors stand to lose the most when mild in...

SPX and Risk Dip Buying Fading, Dollar Turn the Real Deal?

Once again, a wave of fear has crested and retreat in the global financial system. The escalation of rhetoric between the US and North Korea brought political uncertainty and global safety back in th...

North Korea Fears Ease but Markets Still Uneasy, Oil and Bitcoin See Big Moves

As we wait to see whether a major fundamental theme takes up the cause of dictating the next market trend, there are more measured events and themes at play.

What are the Best Safe Havens on North Korea Escalation

If the markets start to melt down on an escalation of the tensions between North Korea and the United States where should traders and investors seek refuge?

Video: Risk Slip at Cliff Edge, How Will VIX and Dollar Align?

A clear and strong jolt of risk aversion has shaken the markets this past week, leaving traders much more aware of their exposure should this prove to be the start of something my tectonic.

S&P 500, VIX and Dollar Shape the Conversation of True Risk Reversal

Have we seen the official start of the long-overdue reversal in exaggerated speculative exposure - otherwise known as 'risk appetite'?

SPX Fails Bullish and Bearish Breaks, USD and Yen Reversing?

Sentiment and market positioning seem to be in a 'pick your poison' paradox. The backdrop for speculative appetite reads both as stretched and faulty, a situation that could render any serious concer...

NZD/USD Retreat Raises the Volatility Stakes on RBNZ Decision

The Bank of Canada's decision to hike rates this past month has substantially altered the landscape for speculation surrounding global monetary policy.

SPX Breakout Falters to Skepticism, Trump’s `Fire and Fury’ Remarks

Complacency had finally reached its short-term limit Tuesday when the S&P 500 forced a bullish break on a wedge that had constricted price action over the past two weeks to a level of inactivity ...

Amid Debates of Bond and Equity Values, What Constitutes a Bubble

Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan took to the airwaves late this past week to speak to the levels of 'irrational exuberance' that had evolved into a bond bubble in his view.

Dollar Rally Failing to Materialize, Dow Extends Rally to 10th Day

Despite the alignment of technical and fundamental development to close this past week, the Dollar's ambitions have yet to translate into a definitive trend reversal

Is There Enough Lift to Turn the Dollar Next Week?

Just as it seemed that the market was going to call it a week with a settling into tight congestion and VIX retreat below 10, the July NFPs shifted speculators' expectations.

Why AUD/CAD May Offer Stronger Practical Trade Appeal than a EUR/USD

It is uncommon that a particular currency pair or asset finds trade opportunity that aligns technical, fundamental and conditional analysis techniques.

Video: Will NFPs Do to Dollar Volatility What BoE Did for Pound?

The market continues to power down with volatility flagging despite benchmarks like the S&P 500 and the Dollar standing at extreme of their respective trends - bullish and bearish respectively.

GBP/USD, GBP/JPY and GBP/NZD Offer Best Standing for BoE Strategy

The Bank of England's rate decision today fits the mold of an event that in current conditions can generate a surprising amount of volatility for the Pound and potentially the market-at-large.

Apple Doesn’t Revive SPX Much Less Risk Appetite, BoE on Tap

Those committing to the bullish view in US equities - one of the most richly priced of the major asset classes - are being forced to reinforce their conviction from as many outlets as possible.

What if Dollar Reverses, NZ Jobs Out-Levers RBA on Rate Speculation

The tables have turned this past session with the high profile market movers of the past week (equities and the Dollar) relegated to consolidation while overlooked players (Aussie and Kiwi Dollars) h...

EUR/USD Climb Continues Through 1.1800, RBA Options Vary, SPX Consolidates

Resistance is losing out to momentum and a certain degree of fundamental complacency when it comes to EUR/USD, the world's most liquid pair.

EUR/CHF Surge Revives the Tradability of The Swiss Franc Crosses

EUR/CHF posted an incredible four-day charge through Friday to secure one of the strongest weekly performances for the pair