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Fundamental analysis and market themes.
John Kicklighter is a Senior Currency Strategist and head of DailyFX in New York City and San Francisco where he specializes in combining fundamental and technical analysis with money management. Actively trading since he was a teenager, his experience ranges from spot currency, financial futures, commodities, stocks and options on all these instruments for his personal accounts. He holds a Finance and Investment degree from the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College in New York City.



EUR/USD Traders Weigh Whether Parity in the Cards Between ECB and Fed

Event risk has been heavy for the Euro and the world's most liquid currency pair has shown the results of those large fundamental explosions.

Will the ECB Shrink After Italy Vote or Press for Taper Plan?

There is little doubt that this week's top scheduled event risk is the European Central Bank's (ECB) rate decision.

Rare S&P 500 Surge at Record Highs, ECB and US Wealth Update on Tap

There are heavy fundamental seas ahead and investors are taking stock of the uncertainty it represents for their positions.

China and US Relations Raises Global Market Risk, Watch USD/CNY

Complacency is a common feature of the global financial landscape. Therefore, it isn't surprising that the growing tension in US-Chinese relations doesn't draw any significant attention from the aver...

Dollar Bounces as Risk Reaches, Market Awaiting Both ECB and Fed

The Euro's rally after the Italian Referendum ran out of steam quickly. While the 'No' vote may have been an expected outcome, the course adjustment including political uncertainty, delays to banking ...

Strategy Video: Can a Euro Rally Charge a Broader Dollar Tumble?

The Dollar triggered an unmistakable head-and-shoulders pattern to start off this new trading week, but falling back fully on the technical picture may lead us down a risk-fraught path.

EUR/USD Rallies Despite Italian Referendum No Vote, Fed Suspense

The Euro is proving itself to be a contradiction to fundamental expectation. The Italian Constitutional Referendum rendered a 'no' vote from the citizenry and in turn furthered the disruption of globa...

Forecast - It’s Central Bank Season from ECB to RBA to Fed

Scheduled event risk for the first full two weeks of December will be heavily tangled in important monetary policy decisions.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Fed Hike Speculation Gives Way to ECB Taper

The Dollar ended this past week with a discernable lack of direction - despite holding just off 13-year highs. The FOMC decision is still more than a week away. Meanwhile, the ECB rate decision and Eu...

NFPs Leaves Dollar Hanging But Indecision Won’t Hold Out Until Fed

Both the Dollar and benchmark US equity indexes were positioned for a dramatic move through the end of this past week.

While Dollar Awaits Fed, Italy and ECB Threaten EUR/USD

Neither the US Dollar or the S&P 500 found a clear backing of conviction before liquidity drained for the weekend.

Italian Referendum: Risk for Italian Markets, Euro, World

The world is facing another critical vote. With the unexpected outcomes for the UK's EU Referendum (Brexit) and the US Presidential election, global investors have grown increasingly aware of the disi...

Video: A NFPs Miss Can Leverage a Bigger Dollar Move than a Beat

The monthly US labor report is one of the market's most loaded, baseline event risks. For the upcoming November update, the data's potential impact on benchmarks like the Dollar and S&P 500 carrie...

Beware Trading The EUR/USD Reversal Before and Even After NFPs

The jump in volatility and burgeoning trends post US election have ebbed. The S&P 500's slip from record highs has led a mild retracement from November's 'risk run' while the Dollar listing towar...

Webinar: Strategy Development - Automated Trading is Not the ’Holy Grail’

To many, an automated strategy is an easy way to a low-maintenance and consistently-profitable connection to the market. The reality, however, could not be more different.

What Dramatic November Market Moves Will Continue, Stall, Reverse?

We have closed out a remarkable active month for the markets. However, some of the most prominent headlines through the past weeks don't measure up to the hype in performance much less the potential ...

Dollar and Oil Prices Rally On Fed, OPEC Views

Skepticism was beat back this past session. The market was skeptical of a production deal at the highly contentious OPEC meeting, but the group announced a 1.2 million barrel cut to its daily output ...

Dollar Wavering Despite Fed Certainty, Pound and Oil Ready for Key Events

The probability of a rate hike from the Fed at the December 14th FOMC meeting has held at 100 percent - according to Fed Fund futures - for a few weeks.

Scenarios for Oil and USD/CAD Traders Heading Into OPEC Meeting

There has been far more volatility than direction for oil prices these past weeks as the market weighs its skepticism of OPEC's commitment to correct the supply glut

Yen Dropping at its Fastest Pace in Two Decades But What Motivation are Bears Tapping?

Dollar strength strong-arming the Yen and its counterparts does have some merit, but such tail wind is limited. Risk appetite is similarly dubious as only US equities seem to enjoy the drunk optimism...