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John Kicklighter

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Fundamental analysis and market themes.
John Kicklighter is a Senior Currency Strategist and head of DailyFX in New York City and San Francisco where he specializes in combining fundamental and technical analysis with money management. Actively trading since he was a teenager, his experience ranges from spot currency, financial futures, commodities, stocks and options on all these instruments for his personal accounts. He holds a Finance and Investment degree from the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College in New York City.



Dollar and S&P 500 Discount the Fed Hike for Tariff Focus

The Federal reserve delivered a hawkish monetary policy decision this past session as expected. And, also as expected, the market did not response in the way text books would suggest.

Trading Strategy: Can a Fed Hike and Threats of More Move the Dollar?

There is little doubt that the Fed Reserve's rate decision Wednesday afternoon in Washington DC will be one of the most important in years.

G20 Doesn’t Ease Trade War Fears, Now on to the Fed

G20 closed with a notable lack of universal commitment to avoid protectionism and Mnuchin's remark 'we aren't afraid of a trade war'

G20 and Trade Wars Draw Traders’ Attention but Not Conviction

We kick off the new trading period with the same topic of conversation as we ended the past one on: trade wars.

Why the New Zealand Dollar May be More Tradeable Than USD Next Week

When there are too many different possibly catalysts or events competing to drive a market, volatile indecision is more likely

Tariffs, Summits and Fed Decision Promise Important Week for Dollar, SPX

From equity benchmarks to liquid FX to yields and emerging market assets, the same general sentiment seems to reflect in their standing.

Adjusting the Mix of Timing and Motivation with Dollar Examples

While we should do a thorough analysis and have a bias for a particular outcome for a market when we intend to trade it, it is critical to appreciate that even the best setup only carries a probabili...

S&P 500 Extends Longest Slide of 2018, Dollar Edges Higher

The markets are still watching the score boards for the state of global trade wars before making any serious decisions about their exposure in the markets.

Dow Extends Fall Into Wedge, Kudlow Supports Dollar and Criticizes China

Global equities, emerging markets were little changed, but US indices had a notable stand-out performance, the Dow in particular marked a retreat in a prominent wedge.

A Strong Dollar Policy Versus Trade Wars

Cross currency influence still carries weight, but trade wars seem the most active theme. Trade wars that involve the US are negative for the Dollar, darkening the USD outlook.

Is There Trade Opportunity to Exploit in the New Zealand Dollar?

The New Zealand Dollar is not likely one of the first currencies that comes to mind when you are looking for opportunities in the FX market.

Equities, Risk Retreat on Fresh G20 and China Trade War News

The Dollar and risk trends aren't the only games in town. More active this past session was a rally from the British Pound and tumble for the Canadian Dollar.

Trade Wars Now an Anchor Rather Than Driver for Indices, Dollar

The throb from trade war threats these past weeks is still causing the wider market serious anxiety, preventing a clear trend for global equities, the Dollar and many more markets.

CAD/CHF Finds the Proper Blend of Fuel and Clearance for Reversal

First of all, there are no perfect trades. Putting capital to work in the expectation of return is always a probabilities game.

A Rally on S&P 500’s 9th Anniversary of Bull Trend, Stubborn Dollar Range

US tariffs have been triggered, but the full rollout has been staggered as has the retaliation and so too the risk trends impact.

Risk Trends and Dollar Chew Trump Tariff Nuance, A Loonie Launch?

The ominous cloud of US tariffs has finally rolled over the markets. We have seen anticipation of these taxes on trade sideline speculative consensus for weeks.

The EUR/USD 1 Minute Versus 1 Month ECB Response

There is little chance that the European Central Bank is planning to change its monetary policy mix of a 0.00 percent benchmark and persistent 30 billion QE infusion per month.

Keep Vigilance on the Dollar as Trump Signs Tariffs and Euro with ECB

Despite a remarkably quiet S&P 500 and Dow, trade war pressure grew on Wednesday as threats rose, Cohn resigned. The signing ceremony for US tariffs was set.

Are S&P 500, EUR/USD Unconcerned by Trade Wars or Shell-shocked?

Thwarting efforts by US politicians to soften the tariff rhetoric, President Trump reiterated his commitment to start trade wars.

Swiss Franc a Good Foil for Clearer Trade Conditions

Few traders would offer the Swiss Franc or any of its various crosses as one of the top currencies/pairs to review on a daily basis for trading.