John Kicklighter

Chief Currency Strategist

Fundamental analysis and market themes.
John Kicklighter is a Senior Currency Strategist and head of DailyFX in New York City and San Francisco where he specializes in combining fundamental and technical analysis with money management. Actively trading since he was a teenager, his experience ranges from spot currency, financial futures, commodities, stocks and options on all these instruments for his personal accounts. He holds a Finance and Investment degree from the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College in New York City.



Video: Dollar, Stocks, Gold and Oil All Lined Up for Major Breaks

It's both an exciting and frightening time to be in the markets. Having witnessed volatility percolate for some months, we are finally starting to see some of the permanent side effects of increased a...

Forex Strategy Video: Liquidity Can Leverage USDJPY Break Into Yen Cross Tumble

Major fundamental themes can move the market. And, one of the biggest moves amongst the majors recently has been the USDJPY's collapse.

Fed Outlook Puts US Dollar and Equities In Troubling Position

The Fed started a rate hike cycle in December which is projected to see further moves this year. Yet, the market is extremely doubtful of this outlook. The debate has put the US currency and stock ma...

Markets Look to Yellen as S&P 500 Tries to Hold, Euro and Yen Rally

Investor sentiment is tottering dangerously with the S&P 500 pressured into repeated last-minute saves at its multi-year support, USDJPY extending its break through 116 and Euro showing playing it...

Trading Big Picture Themes Requires Different Approach, Strategy

When we trade around event risk or on the basis of definitive technical patterns, our approach can be precise and timing measured.

Webinar: Fundamental Forecast - Risk Trends and Monetary Policy Vie for Control

Chief Strategist John Kicklighter discusses the top Forex fundamental themes for the coming week of trading.

USDJPY Breaks Neckline, S&P500 Comes Close, Dollar No Safe Haven

Despite this week's tangible downgrade in scheduled event risk - and liquidity with China offline - the markets are proving no less burdened risk aversion.

Video: Can the Fed, ECB, BoJ and PBoC Hold Back Another Wave?

While the Fed has been the source of much speculation and debate, global monetary policy has generally pushed to a more accommodative stance.

Forex Strategy Video: What Will It Take to Revive the Long-Term Oil, Gold Bulls?

Whether or not you trade commodities directly, it is important to keep track of the asset class' key players

Weekly Trading Forecast: Will We See More of Last Week’s Exceptional FX and Commodity Volatility?

The Dollar suffered one of its most abrupt swoons in years until NFPs stabilized the currency. Oil and gold meanwhile generated remarkable volatility and tentative stabs at trends. Will we see more o...

Dollar Recovers After Painful Stumble as Market’s Fed Doubts Waver

A number of major market themes were driven this past week; but for FX, the Dollar’s remarkable volatility grabbed most traders’ attention.

Dollar, Risk and Commodity Trends Will Clamber for Fuel Next Week

This past week ended with more than a few exceptional market trends.

Does Dollar Trend Channel Risk Reflect Fundamental Trend Threat?

Having experienced extraordinary volatility recently, traders eagerly await the settlement on trends.

After a Two-Day Tumble, Will NFPs Save or Sacrifice Dollar?

If we were going to see the USDollar collapse into a deeper bear trend, this would be the technical lead up and impending data you would expect could accomplish it.

Will Monetary Policy Speculation Move GBP Like it Has JPY, USD?

Both the Yen and Dollar have dropped this past week with dovish headlines.

Is USD Collapse Start of a Trend and Why Worry About the Pound?

The FX market is clearly volatility prone. A dramatic tumble for the Dollar this past session was equal the Japanese Yen's collapse then rebound in response to the news that the BoJ was adopting a neg...

Global Policy Authorities List Common Concerns About the Future

Market volatility, China and commodity prices are among the most common concerns showing up in central bank and other policy bodies’ assessments of the future.

Both Equities and Yen Crosses Retreat, Pound and Dollar Look Ahead

Whether or not the Bank of Japan's introduction of negative rates lifted global equities alongside Yen crosses this past Friday, the buoyancy has passed for both.

Beware Unexpected Correlations Trading Patterns and Fundamentals

Having a robust strategy to select sound trade opportunities and practicing judicious money management to control risk over time is crucial to success.

Video: BoJ Effect Fades for Yen, Risk Wobbles, Inflation Fails USD

Monetary policy and speculation are an indelible link for global financial markets.

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