Jeremy Wagner, CEWA-M

Head Forex Trading Instructor

Swing trading, chart patterns, breakouts, and Elliott wave
Jeremy is an active trader and Head of DailyFX Education. He began trading in 1998 with stocks and options, then converted into forex trading. He currently specializes in forex using technical analysis and namely chart pattern set ups. He writes forex training and analysis articles for Mr. Wagner has presented forex training on 3 continents from beginner to advanced strategies. He has been heard on radio broadcasts and television including Sky News Business TV and CNBC. He holds the Certified Elliott Wave Analyst Master (CEWA-M) designation from Elliott Wave International.



Dow Jones Industrial Average Consolidates in a Holding Pattern

DJIA grinds sideways in a triangle pattern. This pattern calls for another bull run to emerge above 20,491.

Are We There Yet? EUR/USD Closes Higher 6 of the Last 7 Days

The EUR/USD price break higher has caught many traders off guard. Using Elliott Wave Theory, we study the waves and project higher probability patterns.

Triangles in Dow Jones, Gold Prices, EUR/GBP Suggest Consolidation

Triangle patterns appearing in Dow Jones Industrial Average, Gold prices, and EUR/GBP imply sideways trading this week followed by a breakout.

Weekly Trading Forecast: US Politics, Economic News Flow Clash

Financial markets were consumed with shaky US politics last week. Upcoming news-flow from Washington DC may be no less potent even as top-tier economic event risk returns.

Gold Prices Resume Bull Trend After Halting a 4 Week Slide

One development from this past week that pulled the yellow metal higher was the Fed interest rate expectations slowing down into the remainder of 2017.

GBP/USD Terminal Wave Matures

Cable pressed into a potential reversal zone yesterday increasing the risk of a longer top forming nearby.

Will AUD/USD Be a Late Bloomer to the USD Correction?

US Dollar weakness has not filtered over into AUD/USD yet. Our Elliott Wave models suggest the next big move is higher for AUD/USD.

USD/JPY Down Day Largest Since July 2016 - More to Come?

USD/JPY stumbled nearly 230 pips today. The Elliott Wave picture shows the uptrend that began in April appears incomplete to the upside suggesting a bottom forms soon.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Tumbles 1.7%, Largest Since September

DJIA appears to be in the middle of a triangle pattern. If correct, this would suggest support might emerge above 20,371.

Gold Prices Bounce Higher with an Eye Towards $1260

The higher probability Elliott Wave models suggest the up trend that began December 2016 is incomplete and may resurrect in the coming weeks.

Crude Oil Prices Test 200 Day Average While USD/CAD Pressures Lows

Crude oil price trend is put to the test via the 200 day simple moving average. USD/CAD is watching closely on what to do.

Gold Prices Find Support; Will the Down Trend Continue?

The higher probability Elliott Wave models suggest the up trend that began December 2016 is incomplete and may resurrect in the coming weeks.

Is the 12 Month Upward Correction in USD/CAD Over?

USD/CAD appears to have completed the upward correction that begin May 2016. A turn higher in sentiment would confirm a turn lower.

EUR/JPY Appears Longer Term Bullish; EUR/USD May Correct Lower

EUR/JPY pattern may dip in the shorter term. However, the longer term pattern is still bullish.

How Much Higher Can GBP/USD Continue?

Cable is trading sideways after the French elected Macron. GBP/USD appears to be in a terminal wave higher.

EUR/USD Watches French Election from 1.10

There are three technical levels creating an obstacle at 1.10. Will the French election create enough power to break higher?

Gold Prices Enter Hot Spot Near $1260; Yen Pairs Look Bullish

Gold price up trend meets a key level near $1260 while JPY pairs look for more strength.

EUR/JPY Explodes Higher; May Consolidate

EUR/JPY appears to be working higher in an Elliott Wave impulsive sequence. After a correction, we are anticipating continued strength.

EUR/JPY Bounces 120 Pips From Weekly Low

EUR to JPY appears to have finished an Elliott Wave corrective sequence. If correct, then prices may be on the forefront of a strong rally.

USD/JPY Pressures Support; Gold Prices Press Resistance

In this recording of the US Opening Bell webinar on Monday morning, we reviewed the patterns on Dow Jones, Gold, USDJPY, EURJPY, EURUSD and other key markets.