Jeremy Wagner, CEWA-M

Jeremy Wagner, CEWA-M

Head Forex Trading Instructor

Swing trading, chart patterns, breakouts, and Elliott wave
Jeremy is an active trader and Head of DailyFX Education. He began trading in 1998 with stocks and options, then converted into forex trading. He currently specializes in forex using technical analysis and namely chart pattern set ups. He writes forex training and analysis articles for Mr. Wagner has presented forex training on 3 continents from beginner to advanced strategies. He has been heard on radio broadcasts and television including Sky News Business TV and CNBC. He holds the Certified Elliott Wave Analyst Master (CEWA-M) designation from Elliott Wave International.



Bitcoin Elliott Wave Forecasts Near Term Support of Prices

The Bitcoin Elliott Wave forecast suggests that shorter-term bullish patterns may emerge to drive the cryptocurrency back up to $11,600.

Gold Prices Bounce to Resistance while Dollar Index Corrects

Gold prices bounced last week into $1320 resistance zone. We are anticipating another retest of $1302 while Dollar Index corrects its up trend.

Long Term Crude Oil Price Pattern Nears Terminal Point

The Elliott Wave forecast for crude oil prices show a mature up trend and that a significant portion of the previous two year up trend may be retraced.

EURGBP Elliott Wave Chart Hints at Losses Towards 86 Cents

EURGBP chart shows a clear Elliott Wave zigzag pattern including an ending diagonal. This pattern combination offers a clear set up with a positive risk to reward ratio.

Gold Prices Barely Bounce While Crude Oil Prices Continue Up Trend

Gold prices tested $1302 and bounced while crude oil prices continue to trend higher. The Elliott Wave patterns we are following imply a dip in gold before a stronger rally while crude oil tops off i...

EURUSD and USDJPY Patterns Suggest USD Trend Remains Incomplete

US Dollar found strength last week and this trend has more room to grow. EURUSD and USDJPY Elliott Wave patterns imply continued USD strength.

Bullish Elliott Wave Pattern Pulls US Dollar Index to 3 Month High

US Dollar Index advances in a bullish Elliott Wave sequence as large speculators are the most net short in four years.

Last Time This Happened in EURUSD was 1 Year Ago

EURUSD sentiment has closed the day positive for the first time since April 2017. This, coupled with our Elliott Wave analysis is a longer-term bearish signal for EURUSD.

Crude Oil Prices Eye $71 and EURUSD Bears are Biting Their Nails

Crude oil price forecasts may rise towards $71 where multiple wave relationships sit. EURUSD Elliott Wave analysis shows bearish patterns remain while below 1.2476.

EURUSD Attracted to 1.2350 while USDJPY Maintains Bullish Posture

The Elliott Wave analysis for EURUSD and USDJPY shows a higher probability move towards USD strength.

Dow Jones Correction Gets Underway, US Dollar Finds Footing

The Elliott Wave analysis for Dow Jones Industrial Average shows the higher probability move is for continued losses. The Elliott Wave chart see a continuation for USDJPY higher.

Elliott Wave Patterns: What is a Zigzag?

This Elliott Wave pattern is a foundational pattern to uncovering an Elliott Wave count. Learn what the idealized pattern looks like.

USDJPY Chart Analysis: A Bullish Short Term Elliott Wave Pattern

The Elliott Wave chart pattern for USDJPY appears to have carved an impulse to start a new trend. After a minor dip, we are anticipating another push higher towards 108.

Dow Jones Correction Just Beginning, USDJPY Near Channel Support

The Elliott Wave analysis for Dow Jones Industrial Average shows the potential for continued losses. The Elliott Wave chart for USDJPY hints at a reaction bump higher.

Will Dow Jones and EURUSD Feel the Weight of Fed Rate Hikes?

The Elliott Wave analysis for Dow Jones Industrial Average and EURUSD shows increased probability that a deeper correction may be unfolding from nearby levels perhaps resulting from increased rates f...

Has EURUSD Turned? Selling Short on a EURUSD Breakdown

EUR/USD has reached multi-year trend lines at 1.25, which also is significant according to Elliott Wave Theory. Our Elliott Wave analysis suggests a large trend lower begins from nearby levels.

Elliott Wave Webinar: Dow Jones, EURUSD and AUDUSD At Risk of Correction

The Elliott Wave analysis for Dow Jones Industrial Average, EURUSD and AUDUSD shows increased probability that a deeper correction may be unfolding from nearby levels.

Elliott Wave Webinar: Evidence Mounts of US Dollar Reversal

The Elliott Wave analysis for US Dollar Index and EUR/USD illustrates mounting evidence the Buck may be on the beginning edges of forming its largest rally in over a year.

Elliott Wave Analysis for AUDUSD Looks for a Fall Below 76 Cents

After an important top was established in January, AUDUSD has begun bearish impulsive wave at may retest 76 cents and possibly lower levels.

Elliott Wave Forecast for Gold, Silver, and Yen Paint Bullish USD Picture

Gold prices continue to press near four-year highs at $1366 while silver prices are unable to rally. The Elliott Wave analysis along with this divergence in price behavior suggests a bearish reversal...