Jeremy Wagner, CEWA-M

Jeremy Wagner, CEWA-M

Head Forex Trading Instructor

Swing trading, chart patterns, breakouts, and Elliott wave
Jeremy is an active trader and Head of DailyFX Education. He began trading in 1998 with stocks and options, then converted into forex trading. He currently specializes in forex using technical analysis and namely chart pattern set ups. He writes forex training and analysis articles for Mr. Wagner has presented forex training on 3 continents from beginner to advanced strategies. He has been heard on radio broadcasts and television including Sky News Business TV and CNBC. He holds the Certified Elliott Wave Analyst Master (CEWA-M) designation from Elliott Wave International.



USD/JPY Grabs Highest Level in 3 Months

USD/JPY touches highest levels since July 2017. Will gains continue?

USD/JPY Stalls While Nikkei 225 Advances; One Trend Likely Reverses

USD/JPY and Nikkei have been diverging in their trends. Learn more about what may result.

AUD/USD Technical Forecast: Sideways to Higher Trading

The AUD/USD price pattern appears incomplete to the topside. We are anticipating support to emerge on a move to .82.

Webinar: Price Action Analysis for DJIA, EUR/USD and Gold Prices

DJIA and gold prices may be in a downward correction while EURUSD may retest 1.21 and possibly 1.22.

DJIA Momentum Diverges From Price

DJIA is up marginally on the week and appears to be in a terminal wave at multiple degrees of trend. This implies a stock market correction may be nearby.

EUR/USD Attracted to 1.20

EUR/USD appears to be in a multi-month correction that may eventually lead to higher prices. We unpack two Elliott Wave scenarios.

Gold Prices Might Get Temporary Relief

The gold price forecast has turned bearish as we anticipate a deeper correction. We anticipate the deeper correction to dig towards $1204.

How Much Further Will Dow Jones Industrial Average Trend Continue?

DJIA appears to be in a terminal wave at multiple degrees of trend. This implies a stock market correction may be nearby.

GBP Forecast: Interest Rates Are the Key to the Pound’s Performance

From an economic viewpoint, the British Pound should continue to benefit from the prospect of higher UK interest rates but the technical forecast does not look as rosy as the fundamental picture.

Elliott Wave Patterns: What is a Zigzag?

This Elliott Wave pattern is a foundational pattern to uncovering an Elliott Wave count. Learn what the idealized pattern looks like.

Webinar: USD/JPY Maintains Long Term Bullish Pattern

According to Elliott Wave theory, USDJPY is nearing an inflection point of 111.09 that separates the bulls and bears.

USD/JPY Trend: Is This a Long Term Bottom?

After a corrective decline for all of 2017, USDJPY appears to have begun a new uptrend. This trend has the potential to be several months long in duration and possibly retest 126.

GBP/USD Approaches Important Long Term Price Zone

Cable appears to be approaching a multi-month top. The Elliott Wave analysis suggests that multiple degrees of trend may come to an end soon reversing GBP/USD lower.

Gold Prices Dive for 3 out of 4 Days

The gold price forecast has turned bearish as we anticipate a deeper correction. Near term target is near $1285 with a deeper correction to $1215 possible.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Flying with Wind Beneath Its Wings

DJIA lacks an impulsive move lower, which implies pressure on the market is sideways to higher.

Crude Oil and Natural Gas Prices Grind Higher - How Much Further?

Crude oil prices oscillate around $50 while natural gas tinkers with a mild break higher. The waves hint at higher prices still.

Webinar: GBP and EUR Rally Closer to Longer Term Pivots

According to Elliott Wave theory, GBPUSD and EURUSD appear to be in the later stages of up trends. Gold price technical pattern hints at a medium term trend towards $1345 while EURUSD may retest 1.19.

USD/JPY Advance May Kick off a New Uptrend

USD/JPY has been stuck in a consolidation all year long. The Elliott Wave model suggests this week's advance may start a new up trend.

Crude Oil Prices Touch 6 Week High; More Strength to Follow?

Crude oil prices touched $50 today. Continued strength may open the door for $55.

Gold Price Analysis: The Bullish Pattern Poised for $1375 Retest

Gold prices have run into congestion near $1357. We believe the up trend is incomplete and may see another trend higher towards $1375.