Jeremy Wagner, CEWA-M

Head Forex Trading Instructor

Swing trading, chart patterns, breakouts, and Elliott wave
Jeremy is an active trader and Head of DailyFX Education. He began trading in 1998 with stocks and options, then converted into forex trading. He currently specializes in forex using technical analysis and namely chart pattern set ups. He writes forex training and analysis articles for Mr. Wagner has presented forex training on 3 continents from beginner to advanced strategies. He has been heard on radio broadcasts and television including Sky News Business TV and CNBC. He holds the Certified Elliott Wave Analyst Master (CEWA-M) designation from Elliott Wave International.



Dow Jones Industrial Average Looks to Fed for Direction

After opening last week strong, Dow Jones Industrial Average finished the week on its heels. Eyes are on the Fed's rate announcement on Wednesday for direction.

Gold Prices Poised for a Break Higher?

Gold prices found support yesterday near levels we highlighted on Friday. If a break above $1324 takes place, look for a test of $1348.

Monday’s Range in Dow Jones Industrial Average Defines the Trend

It has been a wild two days for Dow Jones Industrial Average. After falling 2.2% on Friday, prices pivoted and increased 297 points from Monday's open to close.

Gold Prices Search For Direction

Recently, gold prices have been trading inversely to Fed rate hike expectations. See how gold prices behave near $1300 for near term direction.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Falls Towards Key Level 18,295

Fed rate hike expectations remain stuck at last week's levels. DJIA price range remains stuck above 18,295.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Isn’t Motivated

Friday's strength in DJIA has failed to follow through higher. A correction of time and/or price may continue with sideways and potentially lower trade over the next few days.

Slower US Jobs Growth Sends Dow Jones Industrial Average Higher

Dow Jones Industrial Average shot higher on the heels of US job growth coming in below expectations. A breakout to all-time highs signals a resumption of the uptrend.

Gold Prices Test 9 Month Trend Support

Gold prices are breaking down slowly. Use the price zone near $1295-$1304 to define the near term trend.

USD/ZAR Breaks Channel Resistance

USD/ZAR is breaking higher today and is pushing outside of the trend channel formed from the beginning of January 2016.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Awaits Friday’s Jobs Report

Dow Jones Industrial Average volatility is reaching multi-year lows. Volatility as measured through the average true range (ATR) is at their lowest levels since December 2014.

USD/CAD Crests at Trend Line and Wave Measurement Confluence

As the Fed talks up a more aggressive path for rate hikes, the US Dollar has strengthened in broad based fashion. We will look at a bearish and bullish Elliott Wave scenario.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Finds Support Post Jackson Hole

Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen has been talking up the possibility of a September rate hike. If this happens, logic would dictate that the hike may become a head wind for DJIA.

Gold Prices Drop as Fed Rate Hike Odds Rise

Recent comments by Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen has pushed gold prices lower into previously cited support. $1311-1320 may be an area of a technical price bounce.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Dips in Corrective Fashion

DJIA fails to be inspired by rate hike talks by the Fed. DJIA continues to trade in a tight range between 18,250 and 18,665.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Struggles to Add to All Time Highs

For the past month, DJIA has traded in a fairly tight range between 18,250 and 18,665. The Fed rate hike expectations linger near 51% for December 2016.

Complacency Enters Into Dow Jones Industrial Average

The inability of DJIA to punch meaningfully higher when the expectations for future rate hikes are slowly lessening hints that a sell off may be bubbling below the surface.

Gold Prices Grind Sideways in a Triangle

Gold prices have been consolidating in sideways fashion for the past month. Trend line and horizontal support appear near $1311-1320.

GBP/NZD Tries a 3 Year Double Bottom

Yesterday’s low of 1.7734 came within pips of the July 11 low of 1.7714 and appears to be forming a double bottom price pattern. Looking to position long on a resistance trend line break.

EUR/USD Jumps to Trend Line Resistance After Weak Retail Sales

EUR/USD has popped higher on today’s weaker than expected retail sales release. EUR/USD jumped to trend line resistance near 1.1240.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Stuck in a Range

Volatility in DJIA continues near 17 month lows suggesting sideways to lower trade in the near term. Looking to buy dips so long as we are above 17,800.

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