James Stanley

Currency Analyst

Price Action, Swing & Short Term Trade Setups
James Stanley is an Active Trader, and Trading Instructor at DailyFX. James began trading equities and options in 1999 during one of the greatest bull markets of all-time. As the tech boom became the tech bust, James hybridized his short-term trading approach to include Swing-Trading, and Algorithmic system design. James has further developed and refined his approach while working for some of the largest banks and brokerage houses in the United States. James is graduate of Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University.



Nikkei Takes 5% Hit, Negative Rates Fast Becoming a Cautionary Tale

When the BoJ made the surprise move to negative rates, it was difficult to determine what all that would entail. But now we're seeing that it's not pretty.

USD/CHF Technical Analysis: Long USD Setup Available Against CHF

After breaking a six-week up-trend, USD bulls may have a chance to re-load ahead of Ms. Yellen's testimony in front of Congress later in the week.

Global Stocks Move Towards Fresh Lows, Will Yellen Save the Day?

Much of Asia may have been closed to start the week, but the selling persisted anyways. Sentiment is growing more negative by the day. Will Yellen provoke a reversal?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Will We See More of Last Week’s Exceptional FX and Commodity Volatility?

The Dollar suffered one of its most abrupt swoons in years until NFPs stabilized the currency. Oil and gold meanwhile generated remarkable volatility and tentative stabs at trends. Will we see more o...

A Week of Wonder and Befuddlement for the Yen

Last week we looked at the astonishing surprise decision by the Bank of Japan to move to negative interest rates.

The Real Bain of Equity Markets is Actually a US Dollar Problem

In a world where few want a strong currency, where is all of the capital going to flow? Will the Fed yield to this mounting pressure?

NFP Misses Headline Number, Decent Internals; USD Bid

This was mixed report with a miss on the headline number, but encouraging developments in labor force participation and wage growth.

Gold Prices Shine in the Race to the Bottom

While USD strength ran the table to start the year, the Fed taking a dovish tone has created a massive run in Gold prices.

Dudley’s Dovish Dance Disintegrates Dollars

Expectations for US rate hikes are being kicked further down the road, and the US Dollar has just moved down to support in a bullish pennant formation.

SPX500: A Story That Can Only be Told with Charts

While much of the world wrestles with both bulls and bears, the chart continues to show the risk of continued pressure in stocks.

Global Stocks Are Working on Synchronous Bear Flag Formations

As markets have taken on a different tonality in 2016, many are still rushing to buy dips. Be careful, because that dip might just be part of a larger bear flag just waiting to break.

GBP/JPY Technical Analysis: Buckle Up Before BoE

For the past two months GBP/JPY's volatilty has been on full display. After a 2,400 pip move lower, we've seen 1,000 pips retrace in less than a month.

EUR/JPY Technical Analysis: Where Weaker Just Means More Negative

With the Bank of Japan's move to negative rates, which currency will be sold fastest?

USD/CHF Technical Analysis: The Gyrating Up-Trend Continues

We looked at the Swissy as one of the more opportunistic ways to buy USD ahead of the December Fed meeting. But with USD near highs, how should the Swissy trader react?

GBP/USD Technical Analysis: Cable Boxed-In Ahead of BoE

The Cable built-in a range last week after the rip-roaring run the pair embarked upon to start the year. With BoE on the docket for Thursday, this box is unlikely to last.

Chinese PMI Falls Again, Can Japan’s Negative Rates Save the Day?

The week has started in a tepid manner as markets balance another drop in Chinese manufacturing with the recent BoJ move to negative rates.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Fresh Stimulus, Tentative Recoveries and Heavy FX Event Risk

The BoJ refreshed the global central bank discussion this past week after announcing negative rates. And, risk-oriented markets gained as they have in years past. Is this a return to familiar trends ...

BoJ Makes Stealth Move to Negative Rates, Pressure on to China

Confidence is a pretty important thing in a financial system. After all, in a fiat-based monetary system, all that we really have is faith.

Oil Collapse Driven by Panic; Is CAD at a Policy Turning Point?

Register for today's webinar at 9:00 EST/14:00 GMT with James Stanley and Christopher Vecchio to discuss the impact of the oil price crash on FX markets.

Gold Prices: A Nickel from the Stop to $50 Up and a New Top

Gold prices continue to surge, and with USD on the verge of a major breakdown, this theme can last.

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