James Stanley

Currency Analyst

Price Action, Swing & Short Term Trade Setups
James Stanley is an Active Trader, and Trading Instructor at DailyFX. James began trading equities and options in 1999 during one of the greatest bull markets of all-time. As the tech boom became the tech bust, James hybridized his short-term trading approach to include Swing-Trading, and Algorithmic system design. James has further developed and refined his approach while working for some of the largest banks and brokerage houses in the United States. James is graduate of Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University.



Weekly Trading Forecast: Systemic Changes Afoot for Risk, EURUSD, USDJPY?

Though still early yet, there have been some remarkable change in trend recently. Dollar is in retreat with the S&P 500 starting to slip. The Yen has surged while Gold has hit 15-month highs. Is ...

EUR/USD Showing Strength, But Data Still a Mixed Bag

The Euro just capped off a fairly strong week, rising against every major currency not named the Yen; but that had its own story behind it.

EUR/USD, Gold Drive to Resistance as USD Falls Through the Floor

There has been quite a bit of new information for markets to chew on this week, with even more to come next week. But how might traders approach USD as we drive to new lows?

Webinar: Post-BoJ Price Action Strategy

A burst of activity led to a dearth of volatility, but the Bank of Japan's 'no move' last night may provide ammunition for Yen-setups in the weeks ahead.

Yen, Nikkei Strategy after the BoJ Hold

Japanese markets are back on the move after the BoJ held policy at last night's meeting. But does this mean we have a full-on return of risk aversion?

FOMC Holds Rates at April Meeting, Focus Moves to June

The Federal Reserve held interest rates at today's meeting, but did remove a key phrase indicating that we might not be waiting for long for that next hike.

The FOMC Tightrope is Set to Continue

The word to watch for this afternoon is 'balance.' If the Fed transmits that they feel risks are balanced in the American economy, we may be nearer to a rate hike than many are expecting.

Webinar: Price Action Setups Pre-FOMC

A heavy batch of news awaits, and many macro reads are messy. In this webinar, we look to price action to locate potential setups of interest.

Gold, S&P, Oil Price Action Strategy Ahead of Data Onslaught

A considerable amount of news awaits markets this week, making macro prognostications more vexxing than usual. Price action can help in such situations.

SPX500 Technical Analysis: Higher-Low Ahead of US Earnings

EUR/JPY Technical Analysis: Bullish Structure Continues

GBP/JPY Technical Analysis:160 Is the Line in the Sand

Greenback, Yen Primed for Volatility Ahead of Heavy Week of Data

A heavy week of news is ahead for markets, and risk trends appear to be anxiously awaiting the oncoming swath of data: USD and JPY are primed to move.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Fed Decision, BoJ Intervention, 1Q GDP Top Event Risk

The week ahead is the antithesis of what we leave behind. The docket is stocked with major market movers - event risk that can do much more than generate a little volatility.

The Alchemy of Turning a Negative into a Positive

The Yen has put in a significant movement so far on the day, weakening against the US Dollar by as much as 2.32%; and this is the largest movement of weakness in the Yen since January 29th, when the currency weakened by 2.7% against the Greenback after the Bank of Japan had, surprisingly, made the move to negative interest rates at the January BoJ meeting.

EUR/USD and USD/JPY Setups Ahead of a Heavy Week of News

Next week brings a huge week of news and risk trends hang in the balance. In this article, we look at how traders might approach EUR/USD and USD/JPY for the week ahead.

GBP/USD Technical Analysis: Pound Pops into Confluent Zone; Reversal Afoot?

EUR/USD, EUR/JPY Strategy Ahead of the ECB

Another ECB meeting is on the docket for tomorrow, but this time no big announcements are expected; opening the door for traders to use recent price action to establish approaches and strategies.

Webinar: Trading Oil Post-Doha, Price Action Setups in Gold and SPX

This weekend opened with a bang after Oil gapped lower; but that gap was short-lived as prices put in a vicious reversal. In this webinar we go over how traders can begin to look for a trend change in...

How to Approach Stocks and Gold with USD at Fresh Lows

The US Dollar dive deepens as price action prints fresh lows, and this has created spikes in Gold and the S&P. In this article, we go over how traders can approach these markets.

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