David Rodriguez

Quantitative Strategist

Quantitative analysis, algorithmic trading, and retail trader sentiment.
David Rodriguez is a Quantitative Strategist for DailyFX, specializing in statistical studies and the algorithmic trading systems which drive the DailyFX PLUS Trading Signals. He holds a degree in economics from Williams College with heavy emphasis on quantitative methods and began trading financial markets during the tech boom and bust of 1999-2001. Though his focus has shifted to currencies, he keeps his finger on the pulse of a broad range of financial instruments.



British Pound Trade Seems too Good to be True – Watch Key Risk

The British Pound finished the week almost exactly unchanged against the Dollar despite clear disappointments in UK economic data. A busy economic calendar in the days ahead could nonetheless have a lasting impact on trader sentiment, and the stakes are high heading into a critical Bank of England interest rate decision in two weeks’ time.

Retail FX Traders Point to Significant Changes for Yen

Retail FX traders are now net-short the US Dollar versus the Japanese Yen for the first time since the pair traded near ¥120 through late 2015.

Weekly Fundamental Forecast: Can the Risk Rally and EUR/USD Range Persist?

There were two prominent and dichotomous trends this past week. One the one hand, the S&P 500 extended a run to record highs. On the other, EUR/USD held a tight range. Can this contrast in direct...

British Pound Rallies but We’re Not Buying – Further Losses Likely

The British Pound strengthened for only the second week of the past seven as a key surprise out of the Bank of England and positive political developments eased financial market tensions.

Huge Changes Ahead - Here’s What We’re Watching

Extremely one-sided sentiment warns of major turnarounds in the British Pound, Japanese Yen, and US S&P 500. But we need to see these key changes to switch direction in these major assets.

US Stocks Remain a Buy until this Changes

Retail CFD traders recently hit a record net-short position in the SPX500, which tracks the fair value of the US S&P 500, and a contrarian view of crowd sentiment warns further gains remain likel...

Australian Dollar Likely to Hit Fresh Highs

Retail forex traders have sold aggressively into Australian Dollar gains versus the US Dollar, and a contrarian view of ‘crowd’ sentiment warns that the AUD/USD exchange rate may continue...

Gold Prices Could Continue Higher Despite Warning Sign

Retail FX traders have mostly sold into recent Gold Price gains versus the US Dollar, and yet the most recent shift in positions shows that traders are now net-long for the first time since the preci...

Japanese Yen Could Fall even Further

British Pound Likely to Head Higher before it Drops

Retail FX traders remain long the British Pound versus the US Dollar, and a contrarian view of crowd sentiment warns the GBP/USD may continue lower.

Euro Remains Weak, but Sentiment Warns this may not Last

Retail FX traders remain short the Euro versus the US Dollar, and a contrarian view of crowd sentiment suggests the EUR/USD may continue higher.

Brexit Analysis Directory

We have organized DailyFX’s analysis and background on the impending Brexit into a single page.

Retail Crowd Flips Positioning in GBP/USD on Approach to Brexit Vote

Volatility across GBP-crosses remains elevated as sharp swings in sentiment have emerged ahead of Thursday’s vote.

British Pound Braces for Massive Volatility in Two Weeks Ahead

A wave of negative headlines sent the British Pound and the UK FTSE 100 sharply lower and both registered their largest single-week declines in at least three months.

Weekly Fundamental Forecast: Will the Fed, Brexit, Stimulus Tip Financial Stability?

Event risk in the week ahead is dense with expected sparks like the Fed, BoJ, BoE rate decisions, Brexit speculation and oil prices' moderation. However, the market's path forward has likely more to ...

Weekly Trading Forecast: How Far Will Dramatic EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY Moves Run?

With a late-in-the-week plunge from the US Dollar, the majors have revived trends that were struggling to gain any traction. How much momentum is there behind this post-NFP shock move?

Japanese Yen Now in Control unless Ministry of Finance has its Say

What a difference a week makes. It was only seven days ago we cited a major sentiment shift as a key reason the USD/JPY would trade higher, and an early losses made it likely the Yen would post its fifth-consecutive weekly decline.

US Dollar Remains a Buy until this Changes

Heavily one-sided retail trader sentiment warns the US Dollar is likely to continue higher versus the Euro, Sterling, and Australian Dollar. Here are the risks we see.

S&P 500 Remains a Buy until this Changes

Retail traders remain aggressively short the SPX500, which tracks the US S&P 500, and a contrarian view of crowd sentiment suggests the S&P may trade higher.

Oil Prices Likely to Continue to Gain

Retail CFD traders are net-short the USOil contract, which tracks the NYMEX WTI Crude Oil contract, and a contrarian view of trader sentiment acts as signal that oil prices may continue higher.

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