David Rodriguez

Quantitative Strategist

Quantitative analysis, algorithmic trading, and retail trader sentiment.
David Rodriguez is a Quantitative Strategist for DailyFX, specializing in statistical studies and the algorithmic trading systems which drive the DailyFX PLUS Trading Signals. He holds a degree in economics from Williams College with heavy emphasis on quantitative methods and began trading financial markets during the tech boom and bust of 1999-2001. Though his focus has shifted to currencies, he keeps his finger on the pulse of a broad range of financial instruments.



US Dollar in Position to Hit Further Highs versus Euro and Sterling

Retail forex traders have turned aggressively short the US Dollar. Here’s why we think it could rally to further highs versus the Euro, British Pound, and Gold.

Gold Prices Near a Potentially Significant Turning Point

Retail FX traders continue to buy aggressively into Gold Price weakness, and a contrarian view of ‘crowd’ sentiment gives as a firmly bearish trading bias on the precious metal.

British Pound Remains a Sell until this Changes

Retail FX traders remain heavily long the British Pound versus the US Dollar, and until that changes we see little reason to call for meaningful GBP/USD strength.

Euro Forecast to Fall even Further versus US Dollar

Retail FX traders have bought aggressively into recent Euro weakness against the US Dollar, and a contrarian view of ‘crowd’ sentiment leaves us watching for further EUR/USD declines.

Fundamental and Technical 4Q Outlook: Will Markets Transition from Quiet to Active?

We have closed out one of the most subdued quarters of trading in recent memory. However, the congestion isn't likely to last for much longer as fundamental pressure taxes the closing technical bound...

Japanese Yen Poised to Gain Further For Three Key Reasons

The Japanese Yen heads into the end of 2016 trading near multi-year highs versus the US Dollar, and economic developments suggest the JPY may finally break the ¥100 level before the year is throu...

Weekly Trading Forecast: Where to for FX Market after Fed and BoJ Adjust, Volatility Cools?

We have passed two weeks of fireworks in volatility and event risk. Will conditions simply settle as they did in July and August; or has a permanent shift been put into motion?

Bank of Japan and US Federal Reserve Keep USD/JPY Downtrend Intact

The USD/JPY may continue its broader trend lower absent material surprises out of a handful of US and Japanese economic data releases.

Has there ever Been a More Critical 12 Hours for the USD/JPY?

The Japanese Yen starts a critical week near the middle of its 3-month trading range, but surprises out of the Bank of Japan or US Federal Reserve could quite easily force the long-awaited USD/JPY br...

Weekly Trading Forecast: Fed and BoJ Rate Decisions, Brexit Fears Carry More than Currency Risks

Event risk over the coming week will no doubt present a high level of volatility risk for key FX players. But, beyond the currency reactions, we will be tapping into themes essential to financial con...

Clear Signs of Danger for US Dollar and Stocks - What to Watch Next

Retail traders have shifted gears on the US Dollar and the US S&P 500. Here are the key reasons we thing the Greenback and stock markets are a near a major turning point.

US S&P 500 Shows Clear Risk of Turn Lower

Retail CFD traders have significantly scaled back short positions on the SPX500, which tracks the US S&P 500. A contrarian view of ‘crowd’ sentiment warns stocks may be at a major turn...

British Pound Looks likely to Hold Key Support

Retail FX traders are once again net-long the British Pound versus the US Dollar, and a contrarian view of ‘crowd’ sentiment points to further weakness.

Euro Sticks to Key Range for Now – Here’s What We’re Watching

Retail FX traders remain short the Euro versus the US Dollar and have remained short since the pair traded above the $1.10 mark through late July. A contrarian view of ‘crowd’ sentiment c...

Markets Close on Extreme Volatility with Dollar, Yen and Gold Transfixed

A tumble in capital markets and rise in the Dollar to close this past week has set traders' fear and speculation alight. Is a seismic market move underway or is this nervous energy after a long bout ...

British Pound Teeters but isn’t done Rallying Just Yet

The British Pound matched its highest levels since the UK Referendum on the heels of strong industry survey data, but a late-week US Dollar recovery meant the GBP/USD finished lower for the first week in three.

US Dollar Once Again Looks like it might Break Down

Retail forex traders remain aggressively long the US Dollar versus major counterparts. Are further losses all but guaranteed?

US Dollar Remains a Sell versus Japanese Yen

Retail FX traders are once again aggressively net-long the US Dollar versus the Japanese Yen, and a contrarian view of ‘crowd’ sentiment points to further losses.

British Pound Once again at Risk of Turnaround

Retail FX traders have sold into the British Pound’s break higher versus the US Dollar, and a contrarian view of ‘crowd’ sentiment points to further GBP/USD gains.

Euro Outlook Remains Cautiously Bullish until this Changes

Retail FX traders have sold aggressively into the recent Euro rally versus the US Dollar, and our positioning data shows traders are now at their most net-short EUR/USD since it last traded above $1....

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