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David Cottle


Financial markets, economics, journalism and fundamental analysis.
Singapore-based David joins DailyFX after a fifteen-year career with Dow Jones Newswires and the Wall Street Journal which started in London. He covered various financial markets, from foreign exchange through to sovereign debt, as well as UK economics. Most recently he wrote daily columns for the Wall Street Journal on markets and economics, including the Wall Street Journal Europe's flagship Agenda analysis. He was also one of the launch writers on the company’s ground-breaking Moneybeat blog.



Asian Markets Steady As Investors Look To Fed, Nikkei Surges

Asian markets didn’t move far as investors settled down before the Federal Reserve’s September policy call. The Nikkei was an exception, soaring after a holiday

ASX 200 Technical Analysis: ’Super Range’ Survives Another Attack

The ASX 200 has been stuck in an extraordinarily narrow trading band since the end of May and shows no obvious signs of breaking either way.

AUD/USD Steady Near Highs, RBA Minutes Offer Tweaks Only

The Australian Dollar rose and fell again in short order as investors mulled a set of RBA minutes which offered them nothing very new.

Asian Stocks Track Wall St Higher, Fed Meeting Looms Over All

Asian markets had no option but to follow a strong US lead, and duly did so. Investors are looking to monetary decisions from Washington and Tokyo

Japanese Yen Struggles In Face of Early-Election Reports

The Japanese Yen is starting a new week under a bit of pressure thanks to widespread news reports that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe might call a snap election.

Trading Forecast: The Monetary Policy Race Heats Up, Now the Fed

The BoE is yet another central bank fanning the rate speculation flames, lifting the Pound and suppressing the Dollar. Will the Fed revive the Greenback?

Australian Dollar Looks Stuck, Albeit Close to New Highs

The Australian Dollar hasn’t moved far down from its 2017 peaks and there isn’t a compelling argument to suppose that it will do so this week.

Japanese Yen May Lose Out If Fed Keeps A Rate Hike In Focus

Both the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan will announce their September monetary decisions this week. If they go with form, the Yen could struggle

Asian Markets More Resilient To North Korean Launch, Nikkei Up

Asian markets were mixed following news of a N. Korean missile launch which overflew Japan. However, compared to previous such events, resilience was impressive.

Japanese Yen Technical Analysis: Watch Trendline Support Closely

The Japanese Yen is in an ambiguous position against the US Dollar, at least in the short term, and it may well pay to wait at least for this week’s close.

Asian Markets More Sanguine in North Korea Missile Launch

Asian markets’ reaction to the latest North Korean missile launch is much more muted than it has been during previous such events, suggesting a degree of realism is setting in.

Asia Stocks Slip as China Data Disappoint, US CPI in Focus

Asia Pacific stocks were already looking a little tired before a raft of underwhelming Chinese data sent most of them lower. Australian labor data were very strong, however.

Nikkei 225 Technical Analysis: Don’t Bet Farm On This Range Break

The Nikkei 225 confirmed its range bottom last week, only to power through the top. But it’s already looking a little tired from its exertions. A waiting game could be prudent.

Australian Dollar Slips a Little After Chinese Data Misses

The Australian Dollar took only a modest knock from a set of Chinese data which, although quite strong, missed expectations. The currency was riding high after a stellar domestic labor report.

Australian Dollar Leaps On Huge Jobs Beat, Can Low Rates Endure?

The Australian Dollar took off on news that an already revving Australian labor market went into overdrive in August. Investors increasingly wonder how much longer record-low rates can endure.

Asian Stocks More Mixed, Nikkei Leads But Others Flag

The Nikkei 225 managed a third straight day of gains as US stocks rose, keeping risk appetite on the boil. However other indexes rose far less strongly

Australian Dollar Up As Consumer Confidence Climbs, Job Data Loom

The Australian Dollar was lifted by news of a big increase in consumer confidence in its home country, as measured by Westpac.

Most Asian Markets Gain Once More As Risk Appetite Endures

Asian stocks kept wind in their sails Tuesday as the ‘risk-on’ surge which swept the globe Monday seemed healthy enough for another lap.

ASX Technical Analysis: Range Base Under More Pressure Than Ever

The ASX 200 has been confined to a remarkably narrow range for months now. However, there are some signs that the downside is now under significant pressure.

Asian Stocks Up Sharply As Risk Appetite, USD Bounce Back

Asian markets were a sea of green into the close Monday as a lack of bad news from N. Korea bought risk appetite charging back. It’s still on a hair trigger though