David Cottle

David Cottle


Financial markets, economics, journalism and fundamental analysis.
Singapore-based David joins DailyFX after a fifteen-year career with Dow Jones Newswires and the Wall Street Journal which started in London. He covered various financial markets, from foreign exchange through to sovereign debt, as well as UK economics. Most recently he wrote daily columns for the Wall Street Journal on markets and economics, including the Wall Street Journal Europe's flagship Agenda analysis. He was also one of the launch writers on the company’s ground-breaking Moneybeat blog.



Nikkei 225 Technical Analysis: Better Buy Levels May Lie Ahead

The Nikkei 225 has managed to stem its dramatic fall and looks well supported by the fundamentals. That doesn’t mean there won’t be better buying chances ahead though

Asian Stocks Gain As US Dollar Firms, Fed Minutes Keenly Awaited

Asian stocks got a lift from a stronger greenback as local investors looked toward the week’s key economic release- the Federal Reserve’s policy meeting minutes.

Japanese Yen Technical Analysis: USDJPY Slide Stalls, Is It Over?

The Japanese Yen ‘s previous strength has petered out against a variety of major currencies but it’s too soon to call its rise finished as the signposts look ambiguous

Australian Dollar Gains As Still-Subdued Wages Edge Past Forecasts

The Australian Dollar was boosted by consensus-beating official wage data but the overall remuneration picture remains subdued by past standards

Asian Markets Slip Back Broadly Despite Stronger US Dollar

Asian trading lacked a US lead as the day before saw Wall St. closed for holiday. Sellers dominated even as Dollar bears lightened up their positions before a busy week

Japanese Yen Remains Very Elevated Despite Return of Kuroda

The Japanese Yen remains extremely strong against the US Dollar despite the reappointment of Haruhiko Kuroda at the top of the Bank of Japan.

ASX 200 Technical Analysis: Figth Back Faces Short Term Headwinds

The ASX 200 has bounced back a little from the fierce stock selloff which hit markets earlier this month. Bulls still have a lot of repair work to do, however.

Asian Stocks Bounce Back As New Week Starts, US Dollar Firmer

Asian equity markets took Wall Street’s Friday lead and ran with it Monday while the battered US Dollar was deemed to have suffered enough for the moment

Commodity Currencies Will Get Bit If US Steel Tariffs Have Teeth

Investors in the Australian Dollar and other ‘risk assets’ will be keen to see which steel and aluminum tariff option President Trump goes for.

Japanese Yen Slips, Strong Exports Suggest Healthy World Demand

The Japanese Yen was lower against the US Dollar following the release of robust trade numbers which offered hope for the global economy.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Markets Brace for US Inflation Data

Global financial markets were roiled by fears of an aggressive Fed rate hike cycle last week. Incoming US inflation data may bring relief or trigger still more blood-letting.

Australian Dollar Should Remain Heavy On Global Risk Aversion

The Australian Dollar headed lower as global risk appetite took a knock last week. Its home economy is doing quite well but that counts for relatively little at this point.

Asian Stocks Hammered Again, US Shutdown Shock Adds To Gloom

Asian stock investors didn’t need another reason to take their money out Friday. They got one though as the Federal Government shut down, if probably not for long

Australian Dollar Dips After RBA Report, Looks Very Heavy

The Australian Dollar wobbled after a Reserve Bank of Australia quarterly report which in truth contained little very new. Weaker home loan data may have caused the slip

Asian Stocks Rise, Bucking Wall St Weakness, Yuan Under Pressure

Asian markets focused on local stories Thursday which meant gains for most of them. China’s January import and export numbers soared ahead of forecasts

ASX 200 Technical Analysis: Range Smashed, Next Move in Balance

The ASX 200 has been bounced out of its comfort at the year’s highs by this week’s global equity slide. The trouble is that, since then, clues have been scarce.

Some Asian Stocks Bounce Back, Weaker US Futures Still Weigh

Asian stocks looked more comfortable with themselves as Walll Street’s rout petered out in the previous session but investors remain extremely wary of aftershocks

Japanese Yen Technical Analysis: Be Wary of USD/JPY Bounce

The Japanese Yen has stalled against the US Dollar but given the clear divergence of US and Japanese interest rate policy its uptrend doesn’t yet look very impressive.

Asian Stocks Hammered Once More, Nikkei Sheds Another Thousand

Asian markets faced another round of selling Tuesday as worries about rising US interest rates, inflation and stock valuations seemed to bed down even further

ASX 200 Technical Analysis: Falls Accelerate, Broader Uptrend Safe

The ASX 200 has crumbled as have most other global stock indexes as indecision and interest rate worries grip Wall Street. However, the broader picture still looks constructive.