Christopher Vecchio

Currency Strategist

News events, market reactions, and macro trends.
Christopher Vecchio is a Currency Analyst for He holds a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Government & Law and Economics from Lafayette College. During his undergraduate program, he gained a strong understanding of fundamental analysis of the foreign exchange markets by examining the interrelationship between geopolitical events, macroeconomic trends, and finance. Christopher also incorporates technical analysis into his research in order paint the most complete picture of what is occurring across various asset classes in the short-term and medium-term.



Risk FX Souring Quickly Ahead of Key US Data, Fed Speakers

The components of the USDOLLAR Index aren't moving in tandem - the disparity between risk FX and safe havens is evident.

USDOLLAR at Support as Euro, Yen, and Gold Prices Near Major Levels

The USDOLLAR Index has quickly found itself back to its June 2015 lows.

Euro Could Suffer as Central Bank Policies Provoke Inflation Protection

The European Central Bank’s lack of clarify over its forthcoming policy steps leaves EUR/USD, and really, the whole EUR-complex, at risk to the Federal Reserve’s April policy meeting this...

Keep an Eye on the Big Picture for USD, JPY, Silver Prices Next Week

Markets are taking a breather at what's clearly an important psychological pit stop along the continuum of central bank easing.

EUR/USD Higher as ECB Opts For Status Quo, Eyes on Draghi

The Euro moved slightly higher versus other majors after the ECB opted to keep policy unchanged, Draghi’s Press conference in focus

Preview for ECB Meeting and Implications for EUR, Metals, Equities

Today could be a snoozer or something to write home about.

EUR-crosses Telling Their Own Stories Ahead of ECB Tomorrow

With no rate move expected tomorrow, the ECB press conference will by and large determine the direction of the EUR-crosses - some pairs will offer better setups than others depending upon President Dr...

Silver-Gold Relationship Evolving in a Bad Way for US Dollar

The Gold/Silver ratio is making a sharp break lower this week, suggesting that the precious metals rally is just getting started. US Dollar bulls should be worried.

USD, Fed Implications Around Oil’s Doha Disappointment

There are direct and indirect implications of the Doha disappointment on how the Fed will normalize its policy this year.

Energy Loans Put Pressure on Major Banks as Provisions Increase

Energy loans put pressure on banks as provisions for credit losses in oil and gas increase in Q1'16, trading revenue falls.

No Change in ECB Policy to Put EUR/USD Focus on Press Conference

The European Central Bank isn’t going to change its monetary policy this week, so traders should look to President Mario Draghi’s press conference for clues as to when the ECB will ease n...

Weekly Trading Forecast: Yen Intervention, ECB Desperation and Fed Timing

While pressure builds on the technical front, the fundamental threat list continues to grow. Unusual monetary policy currents will compete with risk appetite in the week ahead.

Silver Prices Begin to Outpace Gold - Not a Good Sign for USD

Silver prices have started to outpace Gold prices - which if it continues, would be historically good for precious metals and foreboding for the US Dollar.

Now Fueled by Weaker EUR & JPY, Global Equities Run Higher

Price action between FX and equity markets today feels reminiscent of the portfolio channel rebalancing effect at work.

IMF Warns of Weaker Global Growth, Economies in Need of Stimulus

The International Monetary Fund’s latest report issued a stark warning over ‘Brexit,’ as well as a dourer outlook for global growth for the year ahead.

Crude Oil at Major Inflection Point as USDOLLAR Breaks Down

If Crude Oil is able to clear its 200-DMA this week, we'd have a significant piece of evidence to support another swing lower in USD/CAD.

USDOLLAR Back to Support as Gold, Global Equities Try to Rally

An absence of economic data the next two days leaves the US Dollar more technically driven - that is, if it's able to weather the five Fed speakers due up between Monday and Tuesday.

EUR/USD Adrift at Sea, Waiting for ECB and Fed Winds to Blow

The ECB may open up its easing measures later on in the year, but for now, with energy prices and inflation expectations stabilizing, it appears to be on the sideline for the immediate future. The on...

Chinese, Global Growth Forecasts Top Fundamental FX Drivers This Week

The economic docket will fill out with critical event risk ahead. At the top of the list will be 1Q Chinese GDP along with the IMF's forecasts for growth and financial stability for the world's most ...

April Seasonality Sees Worst Month of the Year for the US Dollar

April has typically been the worst month of the year for the USDOLLAR Index. After a quiet first week, traders should be mindful of these longer-term trends.

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