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S&P 500 (SPX)

S&P 500 (^SPX) - short for Standard and Poor's 500, is a United States stock market index based on the market capitalizations of the top 500 companies that have common stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ. With its headquarters in New York City and dating back to 1860, Standard and Poor's has offices in 23 countries and maintains the SP 500 index. Over $1.25 trillion USD is indexed to Standard and Poor's portfolio of indices, which includes the S&P 500. The S&P500 index seeks to reflect the status of the whole stock market by tracking the return and volatility of the 500 most commonly held large cap company stocks on the NYSE, capturing approximately 80% of total market capitalization. The 500 companies comprising the SP500 span all major industries and are selected based on their market capitalization, liquidity, ability to be traded, as well as other factors. Additionally, the importance of the SP500 is highlighted by its use as an economic indicator of the health of the United States economy.


S&P 500 News and Analysis

EURUSD’s 1400-Pip Trend Rides on ECB, USDJPY Wavers Alongside Risk
The market is ill at ease. This past session saw a global correction in risk appetite trends and serious blow to fragile complacency.
US Dollar Chart Setup Warns of Pullback, SPX 500 Touches 6-Week Low
US Dollar technical positioning is warning of an oncoming pullback once again while the SPX 500 has declined to touch a six-week low.
Strategy Video: Risk Aversion that Hits One Market Versus All of Them
Appetite for return and aversion to risk is a balance for each investor, security and asset type.
Strategy Video: The Mathematics of Picking S&P 500, USDollar, USDJPY Tops
Some think picking tops and bottoms is a fools errand and others consider it the center of their trading approach.
USD/SEK: Sweden’s S&P Rating Stable in Lieu of GDP Growth
As second quarter GDP increases, Sweden's S&P rating holds steady. USD/SEK remains bullish while EUR/SEK struggles to break through resistance levels.
Video: Another Risk Swing Drops the S&P 500, USDJPY Next?
With conviction, there is a vast discount on the build up in complacency that will quickly collapse on the market
Equities Bounce and Dollar Continues Higher, Which is Most At-Risk?
Just as the S&P 500 - as a proxy for sentiment - starts to look over the edge, bearish conviction dries up.
Strategy Video: Establishing Extremes in Volatility, S&P 500 and USDJPY
What constitutes 'extreme' to a trader? Is it a 500 pip move or perhaps an 89-consecutive week trend?
Video: Risk Swoons and Volatility Jumps but Yen Crosses Resilient
FX traders await a more intensive fear while the monetary policy imbalances keep control of USD, EUR, GBP
US Dollar Pullback May Be Ahead, SPX 500 Slips Below 2000 Again
The US Dollar is showing signs of ebbing upside momentum that may precede a correction downward. The SPX 500 has slipped below the 2000 figure once again.