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The Singapore Dollar/Japanese Yen represents the exchange of the Singapore Dollar with Asia's safe haven currency- the Japanese Yen. Singapore has one of the highest GDP per capitas in the entire world. Singapore imports and exports are each bigger than the country's GDP, but the trading partners are spread between different countries, and the economy is therefore influenced by global economic health.


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Effectively Managing a Live SGD/JPY Trade
While an initial long position in SGD/JPY is running nicely, it’s essential for conservative traders to take action and reduce risk, while more aggressive traders may follow ...
2 Good Reasons to Buy the SGD/JPY Pullback
Clear Elliott wave patterns unfolding on both the daily and three-hour charts of SGDJPY suggest a pullback to nearby support before the start of a fourth wave higher in the pair, w...
2 Very Good Reasons to Buy SGD/JPY
A prolonged period of relative strength and a developing pullback within a classic Elliott Wave count makes a strong case for buying the Singapore dollar (SGD) against the perpetu...

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  • (GMT+9) Seoul, Tokyo
  • (GMT+9:30) Darwin
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  • (GMT+11) Melbourne, Sydney
  • (GMT+12) GMT+12:00
  • (GMT+13) Auckland, Fiji
  • (GMT+14) Samoa
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Nov 26
JPY National Consumer Price Index (YoY) (OCT) 0.3% 0.3% 0.0%