A busy couple of days for FXCM traders as EUR/USD volume exceeds 5 yards on EUR/USD as you can see in the screenshot below. Please remember that Greek elections take place this Sunday which could cause significant volatility for the Euro.

This real volume indicator along with additional features will be included in the next release of the Trading Station desktop platform. You may have previously received an email about the update a few weeks ago, but it was delayed in order to get more feedback about the new features. The new version of the platform is now available from the website, and the forced update is expected to launch on February 6. If you want to update to the newest version, simply re-install the platform from the installation link on our website Software Download - FXCM Support. Please remember to save any chart or platform layouts before re-installing the platform.

This update includes the real volume indicator displayed above already install, plus additional market behavior indicators including Directional Real Volume, Market Movers Index (real volume / transactions per period), and On Balance Volume to name a few of the new features. Here’s directional real volume for example:

As always, any feedback on the update is appreciated!