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    Trade Inquiry FAQ

    Trade Inquiry FAQ

    What is a Trade Inquiry?

    A Trade Inquiry is the process that FXCM provides to clients to investigate any issues that may have a negative impact on a client's account.

    If you feel there was an issue with the quality of execution on a trade, FXCM's Trade Audit Committee is available to review the trade for you. Once the Trade Audit Committee investigates the circumstances and inquiry, they will provide you with an explanation of the events that occurred and a resolution.

    How to Submit a Trade Inquiry

    The steps to submit a Trade Inquiry are below:

    1) Access FXCM’s Trade Inquiry Form here: US Residents // Non-US Residents

    2) Please complete all fields including your full name, email, account number, ticket number(s), account denomination, amount disputed and the reason for the Trade Inquiry.


    All fields are required before you can submit the form:

    • Enter the name on the account.

    • Enter the email listed on the account.

    • Enter your FXCM account number. If you are on MT4, this will be your 'Read Only' account number.

    • Fill out the ticket number for the trade you would like us to review. If you have more then one ticket, list the first ticket number in this field, and list the rest in the description box.

    • Scroll down and select the correct Account Denomination.

    • A list will then appear. Select the currency that your account is denominated in. For example: If your account is in GBP, you would select GBP - British Pound.

    • If there is an amount disputed, or an amount you feel you should have made on the trade, but did not, please enter it in this field.
    • If you know amount you are disputing in pips, please convert it into the currency your account is denominated it.

    For Example:
    • You are disputing 12 pips on 20k EURAUD buy trade on a USD denominated account.
    • You would use the following equation:number of pips X number of 10k lots X pip value = amount
    • You can find the pip value already calculated in the currency your account is denominated in by looking at the Pip Cost column on the FXCM Trading Station.
    • If you are using a platform other than the FXCM Trading Station for trading, this is referred to as your 'Read Only' platform.
    • So for our dispute: 12 pips X 2 lots X 0.85 = $20.40 on a USD denominated account.
    • In this example you would enter 20.40 in the amount disputed field.

    • Enter a few words to describe the reason for the inquiry.

    • In the description field enter in additional ticket numbers if you have more than one, and let us know why you are submitting the trade inquiry.
    • Tell us what happened on the trade, why would you like us to review it, and what you were trying to do on your platform.
    • This is where you can provide us with any details you feel are important for us to know.

    3) Once you have filled out the form, click the submit button to send the trade Inquiry request to FXCM.

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    Inquiry Process

    FXCM Trade Inquiry Process

    I have submitted an inquiry...Now what?

    There are 3 steps that take place during a trade inquiry:

    1) Submit a Trade Inquiry.
    • Once you have submitted a trade inquiry online, you will receive a pop up notification that includes details about the trade inquiry process and the timeline for receiving a reply.

    2) Trade Inquiry is Reviewed.

    • The trade inquiry will be reviewed by FXCM’s Trade Audit Committee who will evaluate the execution of ticket(s) affected and the circumstances that occurred during the time the trades were open.

    • FXCM’s Trade Audit Committee includes associates who are experts in evaluating trade execution inquiries and they will thoroughly evaluate the cause of an issue.

    3) Receive a Resolution.

    • Once the Trade Audit Committee has completely reviewed the trade inquiry and reached a resolution, you will be contacted by phone and email. We are always happy to discuss the results of the inquiry with you so that you have a full understanding of the trade execution.

    Timeline for a Trade Inquiry

    When will my trade inquiry be complete?

    • It does take some time to give a trade inquiry the attention and quality review it deserves. FXCM strives to complete all cases within 2 business days whenever possible.

    • Some may take up to one week depending on the number of cases being reviewed. Our goal is to respond as quickly as possible so you can continue trading with confidence. If you would like to check on the status of your trade inquiry, please contact financial services and reference the case number provided when the trade inquiry was submitted.

    What Happens If My Trade Is Affected by an FXCM Technical Issue?

    • FXCM is a company dependent upon technology. While we are dedicated to making sure that your trading experience is as smooth as possible, technical issues may arise.

    • If you have a trade that was impacted due to a technical issue, please let us know by submitting a trade inquiry. FXCM stands behind our platforms, and if we find your trade was impacted by the technical issue, we will be happy to credit your account.

    How do I know if there are technical issues?

    • In the event there is an issue, you will find details on the issue, how to manage your positions, and a direct link to the US Resident or Non-US Resident Trade Inquiry Form.

    • Once all systems are fully operational, the site will be updated.
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