Happy Holidays to All

One last problem

I have written 3 great St's with your help - I have backtested them on my desktop - results are very good

I started forward testing them on ForexVPS and ran into all sorts of problems - they were resolved - it was the demo account - that I was using - you gave me a new one

It was working - hurray

Then I take a closer look and my st's are having multiple entries - ie

the break out program - will do an order generate every time the price channel is broken - even though there is an existing entry with a stop and profit target not yet achieved

it also happened with the range prgram - every time the price hit crossed the oversold or overbought line

Then I did a full back test on forexVPS and it is totally different then the one on my desktop - primarily due to having about 2 times the number of entries

I tried this on my real account also - thinking that it could be a demo account screw up - but have the same results

then I updated the the platform on forexvps - same problem

But the backtests on the desktop are fine - same programs - different platform locations - equals problem

Could it be some platform setting that i am unaware of?


Again Happy Holidays

Steve K