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    How long does the deposit process take?

    We always make every effort to process your deposit as soon as possible. To get a better idea of the expected time your deposit will be available in your account, the timeframes to process deposits are:

    • Credit or Debit Card: Approximately 1 business day, often less to process. Note: Credit & Debit card transactions via may be instantly available to you in your FXCM trading account.
    • Bank Wires: Approximately 1-2 business days (Domestic) & 3-5 business days (International), often less, to receive.
    • ACH or EFT: Approximately 1-5 business days.
    • Check: Approximately 10 days after receipt.

    Do you always meet your deposit timeframes?

    A vast majority of the time deposits are processed right away, however there could be situations where a deposit is not processed within the time line we provide (although this doesn’t happen often). If the reason your deposit has not been processed is because of a high number of incoming deposits, we sincerely apologize for the delay and we thank you for your patience.

    Most of the time there is additional information we need before we can process your deposit or the deposit was declined. If we need more information, we will contact you by email right away to request additional information and will continue with the deposit process as long as you reply within 5 business days.

    What other reasons would delay a deposit?

    In some cases, a deposit cannot be processed because it was declined or because we need to receive additional information from you.

    The most common reason credit card deposits cannot be processed are:
    1. We need a copy of your credit card, debit card or a credit card statement.
    This is more likely to happen if the account is new. If you fund by credit or debit card, then we may request a copy of the credit or debit card or a page of the account statement for security reasons. To check if we asked for a copy of your card or a page of an account statement, please check your email for an email with subject, "FXCM – Account Information" (FXCM LLC (US) accountholders) or “FXCM LTD - Credit/Debit Card Deposit Information” (FXCM LTD (UK) accountholders). Once we receive the required information, we will process your deposit right away.

    2. The name on the card does not match the name on your account.
    If the name on your credit or debit card does not match the account holder’s name, then the deposit will be declined. In order to accept a deposit, the funds must come from an account with a name matching your FXCM account.
    o Example: If the name on your trading account is Charles Smith but the name on your card is Christine Smith, then the deposit will be declined.
    3. The address information that you submitted does not match the address information for the card that you are using.
    The address used for the deposit must match the address listed on the credit or debit card. You can check your credit or debit card statement to make sure the address used is correct.
    o Example: If the address on your credit or debit card account is 32 Old Slip but the address you used to complete the deposit is 201 Mission Street, then the deposit will be declined.
    4. The 3 digit security code on the back of your card does not match.
    CVV2 is the last 3 digits on the back of your credit card. A third party verification service checks this number against an independent database. If the number does not match, we are unable to accept this payment.
    o In the below image, the correct security code is 891.
    5. The deposit amount exceeds the card's daily limit.
    Many debit and credit cards will have a limit on how much can be charged daily in order to protect your funds. If you try to fund an amount larger than this limit, the deposit will be declined. There are 2 solutions: You can break up your deposit into multiple transactions (try 2-3 deposits) or you can contact your bank or card issuer to temporarily remove this limit.
    o Example: If a $5,000 deposit is declined, then you can make 2 deposits of $2,500.00 or you can call your card issuer to ask that they increase your daily purchase limit.
    6. Your card has fraud protection that prevents us from processing this deposit.
    A security feature on your card is preventing FXCM's automated system from processing the deposit. Please contact your card issuer for more details on how to resolve this issue. In the mean time, you can still deposit by bank wire, ACH/EFT, or paper check.
    7. The deposit was made with a prepaid credit or debit card.
    We do not accept prepaid credit or debit cards because we are unable to verify where the funds originated, but we do have other options for funding your account. You can fund your account with a differentcredit or debit card, bank wire, ACH/EFT, or paper check.

    The most common reason bank wire deposits cannot be processed are:
    1) Deposit is received in a different name than the FXCM accountholder.

    FXCM accepts deposits that come from a bank account, credit card, or debit card in the FXCM account holder's name only. Deposits received in a different name than the FXCM account are declined and will not be processed.
    o Example: If the name on your trading account is Charles Smith but a bank wire is received from Christine Smith, then the deposit will be declined.
    2) Deposit is made from a joint bank account to an individual FXCM trading account.

    If you deposit funds from a joint bank account, make sure the deposit is sent under the trading accountholder's name and not under the other bank accountholder's name. For example, a deposit will be declined if funds are deposited in the primary bank accountholder’s name but the trading account is under the joint accountholder’s name.
    o Example: If the name on your trading account is Charles Smith but a bank wire is received from Christine Smith, then the deposit will be declined.
    3) Deposit is made from a business bank account to individual FXCM trading account (or the opposite).
    If you deposit funds from a business bank account to fund an individual FXCM trading account, the deposit will be declined. The business bank account is considered the funding entity and the deposit is a 3rd party deposit because funds were not received in the name of the accountholder.
    o Example: If the name on your account is Charles Smith but a bank wire is received from Mr. Smith Corporation, then the deposit will be declined.

    How do I check on my credit or debit card deposit?

    To check on the status of a credit or debit card deposit after 1 business day has passed, please contact FXCM by live chat or by email at and we can let you know if the deposit has arrived. Please provide us with the deposit confirmation number and your email address on file so we can notify you of the status of your deposit.

    My deposit has been declined, what now?

    If your deposit was declined, don’t worry! Feel free to Click Here to Chat Now and we can help you to deposit funds successfully.

    An e-mail will be sent that explains why the deposit was declined, along with the steps to get your deposit processed.

    You may want to consider another funding method if you continue to have issues depositing funds. For a step-by-step guide to deposit funds, click on one of the links below:

    We've aimed to make the deposit process fast and easy. If you have feedback to help us improve, we would love to hear it. Click Post Reply now!

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