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Forex Strategy Video: Critical Technicals for Fundamental Traders

By , Chief Currency Strategist
07 April 2014 23:10 GMT

Talking Points:

• There are two primary types of analysis: fundamentals and technicals

• For fundamental traders, themes and event risk are key; but many holes can exist in this narrow view

• Technicals can help establish, confirm a trend or momentum, and more importantly they can define entry

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How would we a trade up around a view of risk trends? A fundamental analysis of speculative appetite is a key theme, but it falls far short of giving us a proactive setup with entry and exit criteria. That is where technicals can play a critical role in our trading. This brand of analysis can establish timing on a trade that would otherwise carry vague parameters. Furthermore, technicals can reinforce the assessment for what themes are important to the market and their of engagement (momentum). Today's Strategy Video discusses technicals for fundamental minded traders or those that want to remind themselves of the basics for the analysis type.

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07 April 2014 23:10 GMT