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Jeremy Wagner - Head Forex Trading Instructor

Jeremy Wagner
Head Forex Trading Instructor

Expertise: Swing Trading, Forex Technical Analysis, Chart Pattern Set Ups, Breakout Trading

Jeremy is an active trader and Head of DailyFX Education. He began trading in 1998 with stocks and options, then converted into forex trading. He currently specializes in forex using technical analysis and namely chart pattern set ups. He writes forex training and analysis articles for Mr. Wagner has presented forex training on 3 continents from beginner to advanced strategies. He has been heard on radio broadcasts and television including Sky News Business TV and CNBC.

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Posts by Jeremy Wagner:

  • Forex Trading Wisdom: The Biased Trader

    Thu Jul 24 03:32:00 GMT 2014

    Many newer traders freeze with indecisiveness which is a void of bias. Learn why and how to bring a bias rooted in probabilities.

  • What is a Good Win Ratio?

    Wed Jul 23 03:02:00 GMT 2014

    Many traders judge a strategy by its win ratio only to be disappointed with their results. Use this simple calculation to identify if a strategy has a positive bias.

  • Trading Tight USDJPY Ranges

    Sat Jun 28 06:36:00 GMT 2014

    With FX volatility at historically low levels, traders look to implement range trading. The USD/JPY has coiled in a tight range for 4 months.

  • 3 Steps to Trade Major News Events

    Fri Jun 06 03:09:00 GMT 2014

    Most weeks present major fundamental news releases. Follow these three steps for more consistent trading during news.

  • Gold Presses Fibonacci Wave Relationship

    Wed Jun 04 03:13:00 GMT 2014

    Gold appears to be carving out a triangle. The pattern suggests a good risk to reward ratio trading opportunity is near.

  • 2 Methods to More Patient Trading

    Fri May 09 03:27:00 GMT 2014

    We often hear about the need for patience, especially when the market is quiet. Follow these two methods that lend towards more patient trading.

  • Forex Education: Old Resistance Turned New Support

    Wed May 07 03:31:00 GMT 2014

    Support and resistance trading is one of the foundational pillars to a trading strategy. Learn to discern what makes the AUD/JPY support stronger than USD/CNH.

  • Learn Forex: Finding Trends in Trendless Markets (Part 2)

    Thu May 01 03:12:00 GMT 2014

    The Elliott Wave Principle is a form of market forecasting and trend detection analysis. Today’s trade and Elliott Wave pattern suggest the trend in EUR/CAD has changed to down.

  • Learn Forex: Finding Trends in Trendless Markets (Part 1)

    Fri Apr 25 03:09:00 GMT 2014

    The lack of market volatility has created a frustrating environment for some traders. This is the first in a series on finding the strong trends in trendless markets.

  • Follow the DailyFX Team

    Thu Apr 24 18:29:00 GMT 2014
  • How to Combine Fibonacci and RSI for Trading Ideas

    Wed Apr 23 03:21:00 GMT 2014

    The Relative Strength Index and Fibonacci retracement levels are two very popular tools in a trader’s tool box. Learn how to combine these tools to develop trading ideas.

  • 2 Reasons to Sell USDOLLAR

    Mon Apr 21 19:19:00 GMT 2014

    The USDOLLAR has been quietly creating lower highs and lower lows for year 2014. Prices are approaching a level offering a good risk to reward ratio sell trade.

  • 3 Forex Courses to Help you Trade Like a Professional

    Thu Apr 17 03:21:00 GMT 2014

    Learning to trade FX can be intimidating. Included are three courses to help teach you how to trade like a professional.

  • Strong & Weak: Aussie To Weaken as Global Risk Appetite Tumbles

    Fri Mar 14 03:37:00 GMT 2014

    Australia’s strong trade relationship with China could weigh down AUD valuations if China’s growth slows. The AUD would also likely weaken in a trendless market too.

  • Trendless Markets: 3 Common Mistakes and How to Correct Them

    Wed Mar 12 04:14:00 GMT 2014

    With FX volatility low, trends have slowed creating some frustrating trades. Here are 3 common mistakes traders make during range markets and how to correct them.

  • Using Trend Lines to Identify High Probability EURUSD Move

    Sat Mar 01 03:39:00 GMT 2014

    Trend lines are a widely used trading tool in the forex technical analysis tool box. Learn how to use trend lines to time trade entries.

  • The Discretionary Trader vs The System Trader

    Thu Feb 20 04:27:00 GMT 2014

    Newer traders are interested in the best way to turn a profit in FX. However, the FX market has many strategies available such as discretionary or system trading.

  • 2 Common Strategies for Trading FX

    Wed Feb 19 03:54:00 GMT 2014

    Two of the most popular trading strategies for FX include range trading and trend trading. Learn the difference and how to trade each type.

  • 3 Types of Forex Analysis

    Thu Feb 13 04:07:00 GMT 2014

    The website offers three general methods of forex analysis including fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and sentiment analysis. Find your style.

  • Forex Education: Risk Versus Reward

    Tue Feb 11 20:14:00 GMT 2014

    DailyFX has researched 12 million trades to determine Traits of Successful Traders. Learn how to apply that research to automated trading strategies.

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